Monday, January 11, 2016


Still another story from my friend, Marianne.  She's quite a lady.

April 20
Had my appointment with the radiologist. He gave me a brochure detailing the procedure, hazards, precautions, everything. However, I noticed the copyright was 1983! When I spoke to him, I asked why he was distributing medical information dating 1983. 

He asked why I was concerned. I told him that this was 2015, and that even in the public library, we discard medical information if it's older than 5 years. 

He looked at me oddly, and said, "But this doesn't change." I said, "Why not? At least have an updated brochure. It doesn't inspire confidence to see medical information dated 1983." 

"Ms. B, uh, what is your job?" 

"I'm a librarian first, Children's Services, second, supervisor third, Head of the Children's Dept. fourth." 

"Well, the information hasn't changed." 

"Why not?" I felt I had the right to know. 

"It just hasn't. There are only 3 ways to deal with your problem: first is surgery which we don't do any more, second is with the drugs which you can't tolerate and which eventually have to lead to option three, which is the radioactive iodine ablation. None of it has changed since forever." 

Seems to me that something is wrong with this when so many people have the problem.

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  1. I totally agree! Even if nothing has changed,update the brochure. I'd begin to doubt the doctor who hands out such outdated material.Are they aware of any NEW options? It truly does not inspire confidence.Kudos for speaking up!


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