Sunday, January 24, 2016


We made it through the storm.  Today is the day after.  It all looks so pretty.  But it's cold.  Joe went out with the other neighbors on the block to dig out some cars.  He came back in cold, but smiling.  It's good to see other people.

As you can gather there was no service today at church.  I don't know how anyone would have gotten there.  But we ended up talking with some of our friends from church on the phone.  So that was good.

Thought I would show you some more pictures of the snow from today.  It is going up into the 40s this week so hopefully it won't last too long.

The yard, table and trash cans.  Do you see the icicle in the window?

Here's a closer picture of it.

This is my next-door neighbor's yard/

This wall is three feet high

Will my neighbors ever get out of their parking spaces?  On the other hand, our walkway is perfectly clear.

My 5 o'clock photo will show you how nice it was today.  So hard to believe it was a blizzard yesterday.

Had roasted chicken, rice and broccoli for dinner.  Other than that didn't do much today.  Tomorrow I will get back to my routine.  I hope.



  1. The snow is so pretty....though I think it will be a little while before we can totally dig out. Around the corner from me there is still a car stopped in the middle of the street. Guess he'll end up being towed...I'll have to go for milk today & will be glad to get out for awhile.
    Curious to see 'outside'. Thank you for sharing the photos!

  2. That Joe, going out to dig out cars! Aye! It was a lot to deal with. I just finished my car today. I will try to venture out tomorrow, more like Wednesday. Side streets are still pretty messed up. Main roads are fine, but getting to them is tricky.


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