Tuesday, January 12, 2016


That's what I call a day when I get absolutely nothing done.  NOTHING.  I couldn't sleep last night and so I was exhausted today.  But I couldn't sleep today either.  That has made me very cranky.  I finally crashed for awhile tonight.

I didn't even make dinner.  It was as if I couldn't move.  So I called out for Chinese food and used the last of my money for the week to pay for it.  Joe says he will help me out with some money to tide me over.

Joe was very sick today.  Even sicker than he has been.  He was freezing and actually got under FOUR blankets.  Around lunch time he came downstairs and I made him some soup.  He said it made him feel better and then went back to bed.  That was probably the best place for him.

Because of how sick Joe was I rescheduled taking Snowy to the vet to get her shots.  It's not that she's sick or anything, just overdue for her yearly shots.  She can wait a couple of weeks.

We have had the fire going for about 27 hours now.  I think we have to turn it off soon so that it doesn't burn itself out.  It is COLD here.

Elaine gave me a selfie stick for Christmas.  I was playing around with it today.  I erased most of the pictures I took, but I did learn how to use the timer on my camera and how to hold the stick so it doesn't show in the pictures (or I have a giant hand in the foreground).  It's going to be fun to use it.

We had a beautiful sunset tonight.  The days are getting longer and I can't wait until it is warm enough that I can sit in the yard and read.

And that's about it for today.  Hopefully I will have enough energy to do something tomorrow.



  1. I've seen the selfie sticks. Not sure if I'd be steady enough to get a decent shot. Enjoy experimenting with it. Sorry to hear Joe is so ill. I will keep him in prayer. Stay warm!

  2. Kathy, When you can get to the store again...get some quick to fix things...cause you will have sick days.. These really cold days are rough. Some times I will boil water in the teapot to get moisture in the air...it helps. I am sending you and Joe some hugs and well wishes. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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