Monday, January 18, 2016


All of my friend Marianne's posts between the last one and this one are from when she had treatments for her thyroid and the horrible time she went through physically.  She was in isolation for quite awhile because of the radioactivity from the treatment.  And she became quite sick.  But she never lost her sense of humor.  When she finally was allowed out of isolation, her father returned home and at this point she took him to get his hair cut.

May 9
Waiting in my car for Pop outside the barbershop, I noticed an elderly gentleman walking toward the side of my car carrying a large plastic jar of mints. He leaned toward the partially opened window and asked, "Are you Marianne?" I answered yes, but got my nail file ready in case I had to use it. 

"Roll down your window." 


"Just roll it down. I want to thank you for bringing Pop in today." With that he offered me mints. I told him only 1. 

"Only one? Have more. Open it. Once you taste it you will wish you had more." 

"Thank you, but only one." I put it in my mouth to be polite. He tipped the container over to drop several more on my car seat. 

"Have more. A nice girl like you should always have something sweet. Thanks for bringing Pop around to my shop today. He can't get here unless you bring him. You really are a nice girl!" 

After that, I felt bad about the metal nail file in my hand! LOL!

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  1. I understand about your feeling bad.Unfortunately,that's the society we live in. You have to be cautious.I've felt that way even walking my street at times.A 'gang' turns out to be simply a group of kids laughing & hanging out. I'm learning to be aware but stay calm. I think we scare ourselves more than anything else.Stay positive!


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