Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I'm so glad our trees do not look like this, although it is very, VERY cold.  I guess I enjoyed our 70* weather for too long.  I am not ready for 23* as it was when I was driving home from church yesterday.

I woke up yesterday feeling wonderful and full of energy.  I still didn't get everything done that I wanted to, but at least it was better.  I actually got a load of dishes AND a load of wash done.  I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but I haven't had the energy to do that in a long time.

In the afternoon I met Joe A and Genny at church and we undecorated everything.  I think that may be a bigger job than decorating.  It was a puzzle to figure out what boxes each item went into.  And a jigsaw puzzle to fit the nativity pieces into the right spaces in the boxes.  But it is all put away now.  I got white tableclothes and blue centerpieces for the tables for Fellowship Time.

 I also put candles in the windows.  It looks very colonial to me.  The Bible Fellowship churches, coming from the Mennonites, are very plain.  There are no stained glass windows or ornamentation.  So all of our decorations are very plain also.  I like that.

 Although I didn't get a 4 p.m. photo, I did get a 5 p.m. one.  The sky was still beautiful.

A month ago it was pitch black at 5 p.m. so this is very encouraging that Spring is on its way.

I am hoping to be home most of today and get to work on the house.  It is so messed up and still has Christmas stuff around.  I really want to get things under control.  I'm alone most of the time since Joe sleeps so much, so that gives me plenty of time to get things done.  I'm figuring this will be the hardest month because I need to get myself into a routine.  It hasn't happened yet.

I started on the coloring books that Joe gave me for my birthday.  More came in the mail so now I have four to do.  Wonderful!  Here is the first picture I finished.  I hope to show you more in the future.

So now I need to start my day.  A shower awaits and then there are cats to feed, floors to mop, wash to do and dishes to wash.  I'm busier than when I went to work at the library!  See you later.



  1. Kathy , Congratulations on your retirement !!! Now once you start doing things you have put off and making new schedules...you are going to wonder how you ever had to time to go to work in the first place. LOL. Don't forget to take care of your health while you are getting busy. :)Blessings to you and Joe. xoxo,Susie

  2. Our bit of snow is gone but it's cold...above freezing. In days I'm home I rarely get my list of to do s done. But then there's time to do some the next day. Our little tree is still up so far. I decluttered my desk pile last eve. I found a paper on it I was looking for, thankfully. Always a process. I'm ordering DO magazine that has coloring book pages and a few crafts. Mine has an owl as well. It's out of PA.!!! Happy day!!

  3. You may be busy but it's a different KIND of busy!!
    We are about to leave for the ranch! I hope to NOT be busy for the next 10 days!!

  4. The church tables look so pretty! Sometimes plain can have a classic beauty all it's own.Glad you got some things done. Don't be surprised that each day throws a quirk in your schedule! Things'll settle down.Take care of you health,Joe & enjoy your retirement!

  5. I often think to myself...how in the world did I ever fit a fulltime+ job into my life?!! I never run out of things to do even though I don't have a 'job'. I got a coloring book for Christmas and I gave one to four of my daughters....we are loving it!! You are way neater than I am....my precise is sadly lacking.
    Enjoy this winter day...at least it's not snowing!


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