Sunday, July 31, 2011


Not much to say about today.  Didn't even take a picture.  This was a travel day for me.  I left later than I wanted to because I was trying to get everything done around the house and not leave anything for Joe.  I really hate leaving him, but I really needed to get away by myself for a few days too.

It takes 2 hours to get to my sister's house.  The traffic was so bad that it took me about 2 1/2 hours.  It was a long drive.

When I got there her friend Frank was there.  Frank watches Elaine's dog, Cody, while she is away.  It was Elaine's actual birthday and she ended up cooking dinner for us.  We were going to go out to a restaurant, but it was raining.  The restaurant we wanted to go to has outdoor seating on the lake.  Not a good idea in the rain.

She made steak with mushrooms, real mashed potatoes and corn on the cob that I brought up.  It was a wonderful meal.

After dinner Frank left and we got into "bum around" clothes and watched TV.  A real exciting day, huh?  But I guess we needed a down day.

Tomorrow we get to see the Craftsman Farms, home of Gustav Stickley.

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