Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today is "hump day" and am I ever glad.  It was a rotten day at work. 

Diane has still not decided whether to take the promotion or not.  I think she will turn it down and stay with me.  I would like her to stay and help me, but it is a promotion so I don't want to get in her way.  Well, she will have to decide by tomorrow, so I'll find out then.

A friend of Joe's passed away on Friday and he just found out about it this afternoon.  The viewing/funeral was tonight.  He had a chance to go and see his friends that he grew up with.  Too bad that people get together only at funerals.  Well, two funerals in three days.  I think that might be some kind of a record for our family.

The peaches we got at the farm on Saturday are starting to go bad in this heat, so I used half of them to make a peach custard pie tonight.  It was a long and complicated recipe, but it looks wonderful.  I can't eat it until it has been refrigerated for at least an hour, so it's going to be for dinner tomorrow.

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  1. Just remember that deaths come in 3's. give Joe my sympathy.

    The pie sounds yummy. See you Sunday


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