Saturday, July 2, 2011


Another farm day and another week where I can use everything that we got.

We got:
          3 ears of corn
          2 cucumbers
          5 peaches
          2 lbs. red potatoes
          2 candy onions
          1 lb. yellow beans
          1 pint of blueberries
          1 head of buttercrunch lettuce
          1 bunch of arugula
          1/2 lb. of colby cheese
          1 dozen eggs

I have so many plans to use these vegetables and the cheese.  Yum, it's going to be good eating these next two weeks.

The farm has planted the grass plot along the curb with all kinds of flowers.  Thought I would show you some of it.

 I love the echinachea.  (Is that how you spell it?)

And I got my flowers.  So pretty.

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