Saturday, July 16, 2011


Time is really flying by.  I can hardly believe that July is half over and we are picking up the week 8 share today.

 We got quite a lot today.  Stone fruit season is here, so there was both peaches and apricots.  Love them both.
     4 ears of corn
     2 lbs. tomatoes
     1 lb. pattypan squash (I've never had this before, so I have to look up some recipes for it)
     2 green peppers
     10 apricots
     6 peaches
     1 lb. lima beans (I've never actually seen them in the pod before)
     1 baguette
     pepperoni cheddar cheese
     1/2 lb. rolled Amish butter

Already I am planning the week's menus in my head.  Good eating this week.

The flowers were beautiful.  I had to get a bunch.

And I got one more coleus for the yard.



  1. great CSA package! funny that you got pepperoni cheese..I saw a man selling different kinds of cheese at our farmers market this weekend...I'm pretty sure I saw pepperoni cheese. I can't believe you got 10 apricots..that's a lot! I thought about getting panpatty squash at the market, but decided on the regular yellow crook neck squash...let us know what you make with the panpatty.

  2. Will do. I know you really like knowing what I get, Bonnie! ;-)


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