Tuesday, October 2, 2018


I was excited when I came home from Bible Study this afternoon and found that a new box from The Grove Collaborative had shown up.  Let me show you the goodies I got this time.  Unfortunately nothing I asked for was in stock.  But I still got some nice products.

Joe said it's hard to get the pumpkin scent soap so he got two hand soaps (one for upstairs and one for downstairs) and another of the pumpkin dish soap.

He also wanted to try this soap, so got a bar of it.  It sounds good.

I asked for pumpkin scent and apple scent candles.  All they had was mum so they sent that.

It smells good and it's quite a large jar candle.

Joe also got me a hand sanitizer scented blood orange for my purse.

Our free gifts were another lip balm and a pair of gloves for doing dishes.  Nice.

Hope you like opening boxes as much as I do.  It's always fun to see what's inside.

Have a good evening!



  1. You still got some nice products in your box. Too bad they didn't send what you ordered though.

  2. It is fun to open the box and see just what you get. Sounds like you got some nice things even tho it wasnt what you expected.

  3. I like seeing what you got! For myself, I don't think I have ever done boxes like this. Once - long long long years ago - I ordered craft boxes. It's so long ago that I don't remember a thing about them!

  4. It is fun to open a surprise box. It seems a shame they didn't have what you ordered. On the plus side,some of the scents sound interesting.
    Enjoy the sunny day!

  5. Beautiful treasures in your box!

  6. I love Mrs. Meyers products! Looks like you'll be using everything in this box and enjoying the nice scents!


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