Thursday, June 27, 2013


Have I got a picture for you today.

This is Geno's Steaks, a Philadelphia landmark and in front of it a 1959 Chevy.  Anyone remember that?  I used to think this was the most beautiful car.  And a convertible too!  But having ridden in a convertible I now know it's not all that great.  Especially if you don't want your hair messed up.  And the car looks huge!  I don't think I could even drive it.  Ah, times change, don't they?  I wonder what people 50 years from now will think of our cars.


  1. Hi Kathy!! Absolutely love the car!! I would drive one in a heart beat but then again, I drive a pick up truck now. Love big cars, LOL. I have heard of Gino's but have never been. Would love to some day.

  2. Kathy, how I wish I lived in this era.. looks like it would be fun riding in that car, wind blowing my hair and jamming to the radio.. LOL


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