Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I was so beat yesterday that I never got to show you my garden, so I'm going to do that first.
My geranium.  It's starting to come back.

The pink hydrangea is overpowered by the blue one.

The pink ones are so pretty.

The blue lacecap is pretty too.

Roses.  Not many out there right now.  Maybe I'll get more since I cut back the plants.

The pink roses grow in groups like this.
The orange lilies are just about done, but the white one is starting to bloom.
 After church yesterday I took my friend Carol out for lunch for her birthday.  Then we went over to her house for awhile.  We spent four hours talking and talking.  It's been such a long time since we had a chance to spend time together.  It was great seeing and spending time with her.

Today it was back to work at my home branch, Richmond.  It was sort of strange being there.  I was having a hard time getting myself back together.  The first week of this month I was off having surgery.  The second week I was at work, but just sort of catching up on things.  Last week I was at McPherson.  It's been almost a month since I have had a "normal" day at work.  I'm sure things will get better as I go along.  I just have to get myself back on schedule.  It was extremely busy too, so that didn't help.

We had a major thunderstorm this afternoon.  At one point there was a clap of thunder and flash of lightning so close together that I knew the storm was right over us.  And the lightning seemed to come right through the windows into the workroom.  I jumped!  It was very scary!

I had barbecued pork chops, zucchini, and tomatoes for dinner.  I had been planning to eat outside, but the rain canceled those plans.  I hope sometime this week we can do that.

I'm going to end since it is after midnight and I have to get up for Bible study tomorrow.  We are in Ruth, chapter 3.  One more week to go before we end for the summer.  I need a break!

Until later....


  1. Kathy~ You have such a green thumb girl!! I love all you blooms they look so beautiful.. too bad it had to rain on you I love eating outside.. but lately it has been so dry.... We need the rain here so bad its just awful.. no rain + a lot of humidity = sticky sticky skin...

  2. Oh how I understand the thunder and lighting. I jump every time we have a heavy storm. Even when I know it's going to happen.

    What a nice way to celebrate a friends birthday, by spending time with her. Great gift.


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