Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today my grandson Colby turned 13 years old.  Who knew this cute little baby...

... would turn into this handsome young man?

With blue hair yet!  This is very recent and washes out.  But it doesn't look bad.  I told my daughter-in-law today that the best is just beginning. 

It's been crazy at work.  We are so very busy with the summer reading program.  And being short handed doesn't help either.  I will be so happy when they hire or promote someone for the McPherson Square branch and we get everyone back.  Being down a person does not make for a happy supervisor.  Especially since there are lots of vacations coming up.

I had to take Joe to the VA Hospital this morning for an appointment and I have to see my oncologist tomorrow.  Not being able to put in a full day doesn't help the situation.  I will be glad next week when things will calm down a little bit -- at least staff wise.  I know the summer reading will keep things hopping until September.  I am so very tired all the time.

And on that note I am heading for bed.  Good night all.

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  1. Hang in there and pace yourself! You are in it for the long haul! 13 years old! Oh, MY!!! I remember my kids when they were that age! Soon I will have GRAND kids that same age! Like I said, Hang ON!!!


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