Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Tuesday was much better at work.  Like I said yesterday I really do like all the people that work there.  They are so nice and friendly and helpful.  So I try to help them as much as I can.  Even though we all basically do the same job, each library has its own little way of doing things.  Sort of like when I was a secretary I could type, I could figure out things, but where one office wanted newer things filed in the front, another office would want the older things in the front.  You get the idea.

So I have been spending three hours a day on the front desk.  That doesn't change all that much from branch to branch.  We all check books in the same way.  We all circulate books the same way.  You can only give out a library card one way, etc.

I also noticed when I was shelving just how messed up the shelves were.  So I asked the head librarian today if she would mind if I straightened the shelves.  She was delighted with the idea.  No one has enough time to do it.  So now if I am looking for something to do, I just go over and start straightening.  So much better than trying to look busy or just sitting there.

After work I had to run over to my home branch to fix some things that I had left undone.  I got out at five and they were open till eight.  While I was there I picked up the next book for the book club Joe is in.  He was reading it tonight and is about halfway done already.  It must be good.

I have one more picture of the McPherson Square branch to show you today.  It is in the children's room.  They're theme is a garden.  These tables and stools are made out of a tree stump.  The wooden flowers you see behind the tables are on the back of a book case.

I think it is so unique and beautiful.

So that is all for today.  Since it is after midnight I think I had better go to bed.  Goodnight everyone.


  1. The table made out of the stump is wonderful! Love it!

    I like your work ethics.

  2. Hi Kathy-What a beautiful library. I am traveling so not much time but wanted to thank you for following my blog and I signed up to follow you back. I see that you are a new blogger. You need to take off the double word verification so that people will leave comments. It will help you get more comments as you grow. xo Diana

  3. Kathy, What a beautiful stump table.. that just looks so nice there.. I always thought that libraries had people do all hard work when librarians left.. I love the smell of old books... hang in there its almost Friday..

  4. Hi Kathy -- LOVE the furniture made of stumps, and that is a gorgeous library building. Wow. I know there are some issues in working there, and I wish you good luck!

    I looked back a bit in your blog --your hydrangeas are beautiful, and SO far ahead of mine. I won't have good ones this year, sadly.

    I loved the comment above mine, about the smell of old books. On family vacations when our girls were young, used book stores in faraway places were their favorite souvenir shops and my older daughter would buy old books FOR the smell!

    Thanks for visitng That Old House! I also was surprised that the old barn (which is on Dover-
    Chester Rd in Randolph) survived the hurricane and lasted till recently. Small miracles.

    Say Hi to your Morris cty sister from me!
    Best wishes, Cass

  5. Oh Hi, love the library, my first paying job was in there...and I loved it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, it was nice to meet you.



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