Friday, June 28, 2013


I had my appointment with my oncologist yesterday afternoon.  Things are going good and he was very happy with everything, especially how my incision is healing up.

It was also my week to get my Zometa infusion.  I get Zometa to help with the bone loss from my cancer medications.  Even though I no longer take them, the effects linger on.  It took a really long time for them to get to me and then the nurse couldn't find a vein to use.  After poking me three times she called over another nurse who got a vein the first time.  My arm is all bruised and hurts so badly.  

I ended up taking the whole day off from work because I got nauseous from the medication (like usual).  I ended up sleeping for about five hours and felt much better when I woke up.  Joe made spaghetti for dinner and I was able to eat it all.  So it's back to work today.

I wanted to send a Friday view out to everyone.  The flowers I got two weeks ago at the farm are done with.  But their beauty lingers on with the pictures I took.  As each of the lilies opened up I took a picture of it.  They were so beautiful.



  1. The lilys are GORGEOUS! I really like the first one with the 2 colors. WOW!

  2. Thanks for the sweet contacts that you have been leaving on my blog.
    I am glad that you got a good report at the doctor. The lilies are very pretty.

  3. Those veins can HURT!! I have a friend who has a rule: Two times and they don't get a vein - get the DOCTOR!!
    Amber went through the same ordeal you suffered. Glad it's over and it's the WEEKEND!!!

  4. The lilies are lovely. You and I have the same problems. Some people can't find my veins and others, no problem. I had a dental cleaning today and have good teeth, but still have a couple tiny cavities that need done. Sigh! I thought I could be appt free all summer, but no...still can wait if I wish. Still need a follow up CAT scan, this one with no contrast, good things. Sigh...could be worse not gonna complain. have a great weekend and hope you are feeling much better. Hugs!

  5. Hi Kathy,

    Can't wait to see more pics on how the yard is turning out with the gardener coming in and helping.
    Hope your feeling better.


  6. Gorgeous Lillie's my friend!
    I hate to hear they hurt your arm but am glad to hear things are going well and your feeling better. Take it easy this weekend and enjoy :)


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