Saturday, June 8, 2013


I got a call from the surgeon this afternoon.  My biopsy came back and the only thing they found was scar tissue.  There was no sign of cancer at all.  It is a real blessing from God.  I didn't expect it to be cancer, but it is nice to hear it confirmed.  Now all I have to do is heal!

This morning I got a call from my sister that she had been in a terrible car accident.  She was on her way to work and was hit by a dump truck that ran a red light.  It tore the front half of her car off.  If she had been two feet further into the intersection she would have been killed.  The accident held up traffic for over two hours.

She sent me pictures of what is left of her car.

Please pray for her.  God was very good to have her walk away from this accident.  She is hurting a lot, missed today at work and will miss tomorrow, but she is alive.

Even in the midst of hardships God is good and is good to us.


  1. Oh holy smokes Kathy, that is terrible, but blessings your sister is ok. Wow.
    God is good!


  2. oh my goodness...what a glad your sis is alive and will pray for her healing. Hugs.

  3. Praise God for his blessings! Very glad your report came back good and very glad your sister is okay :)

  4. Praise the LOrd! Her car looks so bad that it's by God's mercy that she wasn't seriously hurt.
    I agree with you about having the results of your test confirmed.
    God is truly awesome!!

  5. Kathy, I am first praising God you have no cancer and asking for quick healing for you!! I also praise God your sister was not seriously hurt or worse and praying for her quick healing as well. God is so very good, all the time!!


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