Monday, February 3, 2020


What a day yesterday was.  It was Groundhog Day.  It was Super Bowl Sunday.  And it was a pallidrone.  The date read the same backwards and forwards:  02/02/2020.

I watched a video yesterday of Punxsutawney Phil predicting an early Spring.  It was about 15 or 20 minutes long.  Here is a 2 minute clip from it.

I was able to go to church yesterday.  I didn't cough or sneeze or anything.  But I did almost fall asleep with the medicine.  I really have a time trying to figure out when to take it so I can do things, go places and drive.  

I did end up falling asleep on the sofa sitting up.  I woke up a little when Joe laid me down and covered me up with one of the temperature blankets.  The next thing I knew it was five hours later and I hadn't even started dinner.

And then, of course, it was Super Bowl Sunday.  I am not a football fan, but this time I was interested because Andy Reid used to be the Eagles coach.  He was here for many years.  I was so glad when the Chiefs won.

I made barbecued chicken for dinner.  I will put the recipe up sometime this week.  Hopefully tomorrow.  It turned out so good.

Today I got up early and took Joe to the VA Hospital for a doctor's appointment.  I was going to stay with him, but decided to go back home and let him take the train home.  Joe called me when he was about to get onto the train. I know from all the years I took the train to work that it's 20 minutes from the station downtown to the station in our neighborhood.  So I waited till it was time and then went down to the station to meet him.  He had gotten me beautiful flowers.  I will take pictures of them to show you later this week.  That was so sweet of him.  He's always buying me flowers.

I found all the different series of Star Trek on Netflix.  I have been a huge Star Trek fan ever since I was a child.  So today I am watching the first ever episode of the original Star Trek.  How different from what it ended up being.  Different characters, uniforms, special effects, etc.  And the planet they beam onto is such a bad set.  I could pick up those fake paper mache boulders and throw them around with no problem even with my arthritis.  Ha, ha!  The backdrop is obviously painted -- and not well either.  But it is still fun to watch.

I am going to end for now and hopefully get to post several times this week.  I feel back to myself and that's a wonderful feeling.



  1. How sweet Joe buys you flowers, that is so romantic and appreciated. Be well.

  2. Kathy, So glad you are better. Thinking about you going to the train station to pick up your sweetheart , who is bringing you flowers....sounds so romantic Kathy. Joe's is very sweet. Blessings to you and Joe, xoxo, Susie

  3. So glad that you're feeling better! I watched the original Star Trek with my dad one time and I can say that it was pretty bad too but I can understand why it was such a hit in the past. 😂💜

  4. "I found all the different series of Star Trek on Netflix. I have been a huge Star Trek fan ever since I was a child."

    I love it too. Even the rocks! 🖖

  5. What a guy! Gotta love a man who gets his wife flowers. You must have needed that rest and I am sure that you felt better for it. Here’s to good days ahead with energy and stamina.

  6. So glad you are better and got to go to church. I didnt watch the game so know nothing about it. Flowers - how sweet - you have got a good one!

  7. Hi Kathy - I am also a huge Star Trek fan and remember watching the old originals with Captain James T. Kirk. Lots of fun. So glad you got to go to church. I was under the weather this weekend and had to stay home. That was very sweet of Joe to buy you some flowers. You have a good man there. Have a good day and I will see you again soon.

  8. Love the groundhog! I confess I wouldn't be happy being pulled from my burrow but....oh well. Not a football fan either but happy for Andy Reid. We watch the Puppy Bowl.Joe is a sweetie to bring you flowers! Happy you could make it to church & you're better each day.

  9. So happy to read you are well again Kathy, we all seem to have suffered an attack of the dellurgies in some form or another. I didn't watch the Super Bowl, and after all the negative comments I have read about the half-time performance I'm glad I missed that mess. How lovely of Joe to buy you flowers, he's a true gentleman :)

  10. What a nice hubby! I hope you continue to improve and can get out and about. I like the groundhogs funnie. I copied it, hope you don't mind.💖

  11. It's good to hear that you are beginning to get well. It's been a long haul for you. I did not watch the game yesterday, and I'm glad that I missed the half time show. However, it's good that you got to enjoy the game. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  12. So good to have you feeling more like YOU!! Praise God!
    We were rooting for Andy too for the same reason as you. I'm not a football fan but I went to a party and I ate good food =))
    Joe is a good better keep him ☺

  13. I am glad you are feeling better and you probably really needed the lamp. Your chicken sounds good. We watched the game because my son-in-law is from Kansas City so we were glad to see them win.
    Enjoy your Star Trek shows. Hugs- Diana


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