Friday, February 14, 2020


Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you are all having a lovely day with your loved ones.  My day hasn't really started yet.  Well... my day has, but Joe is still sleeping.  Because of my medication I fell asleep early last night and had no idea when Joe came to bed.  I woke up around 4:30 a.m. this morning.  So far I have put out the trash for collection, fed Jack, made my breakfast and watched the three shows I make time for on Netflix each day.  I also saw a few vlogs and the exerpts from "Good Morning Britain" on YouTube.  When I finish this, I will have my morning devotions, read the newspaper and get dressed to go out.  

Joe and I are planning on going to Yamoto's for lunch.  They were closed for awhile so we haven't been there in months.  When I passed it to go see my cancer doctor last week, I saw that it was open again.  Going out to lunch is better than dinner.  Not only is it cheaper and less crowded, but I don't like driving in the dark.

Yesterday I had to get just a few things from the store.  And after all that I forgot olive oil.  I am completely out, so I will have to pick some up today.  Let me show you what I got.

I hadn't gotten anything out of the freezer for dinner, so I got a rotisserie chicken.  It was so good!

I got pork chops, chicken breasts, and a ham steak.

I divided up the pork chops and bagged them up before putting them in the freezer.  We are getting four meals out of it for only a few cents over $5.  A bargain for sure.

I just used up my body wash, so I needed that.  Joe wanted some Comet.  We were getting low on paper plates, dishwasher tabs, and foil so we got all of that.

I have never used the pomegranate and mango fragrance Softsoap body wash.  It sounds as if it is just what I would like for spring and summer.

And finally salad mix, organic bananas, and asparagus.

We got another bag of Pear Gorgonzola salad mix.  I made it for dinner last night.  It was so good.

I still have not had time to photo the last four pair of Christmas socks, but I will soon.

Joe just got up and I am going to get ready to go out.  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.  Have a good day everyone!



  1. Wow - great grocery haul. Looks like you will have some really good meals coming up. Have a Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Oh no. Now I want a rotisserie chicken! Happy ♥️ Valentine’s Day!

  3. I love getting a rotisserie chicken or a roast chicken! What a treat! Enjoy your day out! Happy Valentines day to you lovebirds!

  4. Those pork chops look soooo good! I haven't had them for a while, maybe next week. You have a Happy Valentine's Day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. "Yamoto's"

    That sounds delicious! 😂 I have no idea what it is, though. Sushi?

  6. Happy valentine's day to you and Joe. Hope you enjoy your time together. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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