Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Hello, friends!  I'm sitting here listening to Jack snore as I type.  What a cat he is.  He can be so sweet and then the next thing you know he is into trouble.  And snore!  He's as bad as his father, Joe.  Ha, ha.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.  It is bright and sunny here and going up to around 45*F (7*C).  I will enjoy it while I can because our temperatures are set to drop.  A lot.  To around 30*F (-1*C).  I am not looking forward to that.  I asked Joe if we had anywhere we had to be tomorrow or Friday and he said no.  I replied "Good, I'm staying in with the space heater on."  Fortunately it is only for a couple of days before it warms up again.  And the dark blue stripe will look nice in my temperature blanket.  Ha, ha!

My blanket is coming along so nicely.  I really like it this year and can't wait to show you how it has grown at the end of this month.

But today I thought I would show you some more of my Christmas socks.  I thought for sure I would have them all photographed by now.  But the last four are at the bottom of a pile of clothes to be put away and I have to find them, pull them out and take a picture of them.  But for now, here's some more socks to show you.

If you remember, Joe bought me the 12 days of Christmas sock calendar.  Each day I opened a door and there was a pair of socks!  Such fun.  I wanted one but never got to the store to get it.  So glad I saw it at the after Christmas sale.

I've already showed you the first two days back in December.  In case you didn't see it, this is what they looked like.  First, here's the entire unopened calendar.

On the first day of Christmas (December 25) my calendar gave to me...

 A nutcracker sock.

And on the second day...

Candy cane striped socks.

Some of the socks, like the nutcracker ones, are definitely holiday related.  But I figure I can wear the ones like the red and white striped anytime.

Back at home, I opened Day 3.

And found these cute little polka dotted ones.  I actually wore these last week.  Another pair that can be worn any time.

Day 4 I opened a door with Santa's buttons and belt on it and that's also what was on the socks.

I thought the same thing would happen on Day 5, but I got a Christmas llama!

On Day 6 the calendar door had a picture of a llama.  Another pair of llama socks I wondered.  But no.  It was a penguin.  How cute!

But the bear on the door to Day 7 really was recreated on the socks beneath.

And the reindeer on Day 8's door turned into reindeer socks.

And now I am going to get some breakfast and then go find the last four pair of socks to show to you tomorrow.  I had forgotten how fun this was.  I wish they did this other times besides Christmas.  Wouldn't it be fun to have a countdown to Easter sock calendar with Easter bunnies and colored eggs?

Have a good day everyone.



  1. So fun! I loved seeing your socks each day... a new surprise for 12 days!!! What a great gift for the holiday season!

    I think it would be such a great idea for Easter too! They could do lots of stripes and polka dots, like an Easter Egg!

  2. Cool Christmas socks! And a....LLAMA!!!!!!!!!!! 😊

  3. Your socks are awesome, and I think a set for Easter and Halloween would be great too. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Cute socks! I keep thinking I would like to do a temperature blanket (maybe I'll start one on my birthday). I think they look so nice. Looking forward to seeing yours.

  5. Cute! I need Easter socks! 😂💜

  6. Love your sock calendar..great idea and a wonderful gift! I bet kids would get a big kick out it too. I would love an Easter one since Easter is one of my very favorite holidays. Stay safe and warm. It's snowing here and we're under a winter advisory and I know I'll have a scary ride to work tomorrow morning at 6:15am!

  7. How fun was that sock calendar! I've never seen that, but I might have to get them for my daughter, d-I-l, and granddaughter next year. They would love them. We're supposed to get a bit colder on this side of the state, too. Right now it's raining buckets. I'm glad I got home from work tonight before it really started coming down...though not by much!

  8. Staying home with the space heater going sounds lovely. Wish I could. I love these fun socks. Will look forward to seeing the rest of them in your next post! Have a good Thursday!

  9. The socks are so cute! I agree about having them for other holidays. Mine is
    Valentine's Day! Imagine the hearts,puppy/kitty love & the shades of pink & red.
    The idea of the space heater sounds wonderful! Even the weatherman predicts Friday being a 'snuggle & cuddle 'day! Stay warm!

  10. Love each and every sock - what a fun idea. Stay inside and stay warm when it gets that cold. Our temps are going down into the 20's and that is cold for us...brrrr

  11. These are so cute. I am new to blog reading. Do u have kids? You write the sweetest blog.

    1. Hi, Brenda! I don't have your email address so I am answering you here. I don't have any children of my own, but Joe has 3 sons. Once in awhile I will show you my great-grandchildren who are the kids of my oldest stepson's stepdaughter. Did you follow that? Thanks for your kind comment about the blog.

  12. I love those socks! I'm going to look for some next holiday season! Take care and stay warm!

    1. I got mine at Marshall's, but I know they were being sold at Target too.

  13. Love your socks! And so glad you are well again!


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