Friday, October 23, 2015


Another Marianne story:

April 9

Just got back from a much needed massage. The therapist saw me limping and asked why. I went into the whole saga of the Achilles tendonitis, the Plantar Fasciitis, the sciatica, the PTU anti-thyroid drug that causes massive muscle and joint pain and weakness, and an unforgiving back. She stared in disbelief! 

I told her my back would be a challenge. As she worked on it she said, " Layers of muscle won't move. Your back is one huge mass of knots. Really tight." 

Finally, there was a loud POP as one small muscle group moved to where it should be, but then moved right back to where it was. Again, another pop. She asked, "How did you get like this? I'm surprised you can move at all!" 

My response was that I have an unforgiving body, but an even more unforgiving mind which forces the body into submission! I went in limping and came out staggering. Much better!



  1. Kudos to your unforgiving mind! You are so strong. May the Lord continue to empower you!

  2. LOL-I love the Marianne stories, Kathy. They are so REAL and so entertaining, too. xo Diana

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