Saturday, October 31, 2015


It was a really busy day today.  It began when we took Pumpkin to the vet to be checked out.  He is about 7 weeks old, just as I guessed.  He has no fleas, nor ear mites.  He weighs just 2 pounds.  The only thing wrong is he has an upper respiratory infection.  I have eye drops to give him twice a day, a medicine I have to give every other day to deworm him (we don't know if he has worms or not) and vitamins for six months to help him grow.  Everyone loved him.

After we dropped Pumpkin off at home we went to Wawa and got lunch.  I ate quickly and then went off to church to help Carol with the Kids Club.

For the second week no kids showed up.  She had made up lots of treat bags with coloring pages, crayons, candy and a gospel tract.  So we boxed them up, got in her car and went around the neighborhood giving them out.  We left some on doorsteps or in mailboxes and gave a lot out.  All the people we met were so receptive and wanted to know about our church.  One woman told her little boy that we were ladies sent by God to tell him about Jesus.  One lady and little boy hugged Carol and another shook both our hands and asked where our church was located.  I was so happy and I know Carol was too.  It went so well.

I came home and saw that my front door was propped open.

When I got to the door I saw it was a cute little Halloween bucket.

With some candy and cute note in it from my friends Marion and Chris who are real estate agents.  I had referred several people to them and it was a thank you from them.  So sweet.

I started to straighten up the living room.  But...  I had done too much and just had to sleep.  I hate not having energy.  I had to lay down and went right out.  After sleeping about an hour, I got up and put together the treats for the Trick or Treaters tonight.

We sat out front of the house from about 5:30 to 7:30.  We had around 30 kids show up which is way more than usual.  We often get just 8 or 10.

I think Halloween is really fun.  I get to see and talk with my neighbors since we all sit out front together.

Thought I would show you some of the houses decorated for the holiday.

I always say when the door closes behind the last Trick or Treater, the holiday season has begun.  It sure doesn't feel that way this year, but I know the end of the year is close.

In fact I began today what I hope will carry through the season.  I am watching one movie a day until the end of the year.  This morning I watched A Boyfriend for Christmas on the Hallmark channel.  The first of 62 movies.  I hope.  It was a cute movie.  A real chick flick.  As you can imagine, I am watching these movies alone.

I'm going to go for now.  Another big day tomorrow.  Don't forget to....



  1. So glad Pumpkin got a clean bill of health! She's precious!
    What a sweet little surprise hanging on your door. People has no idea how just little things can brighten your day so much!
    I love that everyone was receptive to you and your friend- you guys are amazing. What a great idea to hand out those bags. Hopefully it will draw people into your kids club soon :)

    Happy Halloween my friend!

    1. I was glad Pumpkin got a clean bill of health too. But it cost me an awful lot of money just to hear that.

      The pumpkin bucket was a great surprise.

  2. We watched Jurassic World tonight. It was good. Watched while eating homemade pizza. We don't do the treat scene. I like watching Christmas movies too. Scrooge is a fav of mine and I have 3 different dvds of them. Muppets, Mr Magoo and one played by Patrick Stewart. Maybe I need to watch one of those those soon. Glad you distributed halloween goodie bags in neighborhood. Who knows what lives will be touched. Take care!! xx

    1. My sister has about six or seven different versions of A Christmas Carol. She loves that story.

      We were thinking the same thing about those bags we gave out. God will get the message to those He wants to have it.

  3. What a blessed day you had! Good news for Pumpkin,a treat in your door,your community outreach
    being received so well.....amazing! I am so excited for you & the church. Hopefully this will draw some in.Love the house with the yellow cat/bats. Kinda different.

  4. That is too bad that no kids showed up -but maybe you were meant to go "out among the people" to witness like you did. How fun to come home to a cute pumpkin on your door...AND so glad YOUR Pumpkin is doing great! Poor little thing with an upper respiratory infection. That should knock it out of him.
    Enjoy your first day of November and your movie schedule, Kathy. What a good idea that is! xo Diana

    1. Diana, I think we really were meant to go out. We made so many good contacts. And we have decided to do it again in December.

  5. Kathy, You truly have a beautiful soul. So sweet of you to take the treats to the doors of others...then come home and find a treat for your sweet self. Joe is looking very good sitting there to hand out treats. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

    1. Joe does look good, doesn't he? He's doing much better these days. He loves kids and this is one of his favorite things to do.


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