Monday, October 19, 2015


Joe and I have not been on a date in forever.  I can't remember the last time we decided to go out on the spur of the moment.  But Sunday afternoon I told him that I wanted to go out for lunch.  Even though it was about 2:30 p.m. we hadn't eaten anything.  So we headed down to the avenue where there are lots of places to eat.  We had no idea where we were going to go.  

There have been a couple of new places that have opened up recently and Joe suggested we go to the new East Coast Wings and Grill over by the Shop Rite.  I know that even though I am a huge wings fan, he is not, but he says he'll find something.  We had not only never been there, but have never heard of this chain.  Looking at their website I now see they are all over the Carolinas and Georgia with one in Florida and a couple in Texas.  This is the only one in Pennsylvania.  We were expecting a little take out place with maybe a couple of booths.  Boy were we wrong!

It was a sports bar and restaurant.  There were lots of huge TVs playing three different football games.  In the front there was a bar against one wall and some high tables and chairs.  In the back were some booths and some four seat tables.  We were seated in a booth and right away a waitress came over to give us menus and take our drink order.  I got lemonade which was freshly made and Joe got a peach iced tea.

They have a HUGE menu with over 100 choices and that's not including the 75 different kinds of wings they have.  It was hard to choose what to have.  I had my mouth set for wings so I got Honey Barbecue Wings with carrots, ranch dressing with herbs, and garlic bread.  Joe had a steak salad with romaine lettuce, red peppers and Italian dressing.  The food was outstanding!

A man and his salad.

The only problem I had was I got sauce all over myself -- hands, face, nose....  But it was good!

I couldn't eat dessert but Joe got a dish of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Don't get between Joe and his ice cream.
 When we went to pay the waitress asked if we had a rewards card.  Of course we didn't so she gave us one.  You collect points for every dollar you spend.  When you reach 100 points you get $5 off of your order and $10 if it is your birthday.

We will definitely be back.  They even have take out.  I can order when I'm leaving from work and bring it home on my late days.  Good deal!

Even though it was really NOISY in there, the food was so wonderful.  And it was great having a date with my honey. 

48 days until retirement 


  1. The food looks so yummy! I love the photo of Joe & his ice cream! If you can't remember the last date,I agree,time for one. Hubby Russ & I will be running the errands together in town on Thursday this week,probably stopping for eats. He asked me out to Applebee's for Friday as I've wanted to try their new 'All In Burger" one of which has the onions cooked inside the meat & topped with an egg! I've had one once before; messy but good. He's off work from Wednesday till Sunday. Trying to use his time.
    Glad you enjoyed your date!

  2. I really don't like the food at Applebee's, but hope you have a good time there. Glad Russ has some time off from work. You two should try this place. i think you would like it. Especially when it's hockey season.

    1. On second thought,maybe we will try it. The food does look good.....and hockey??
      Good combo!

  3. What a fun first-post-to-read this Monday Morning!! My Chris would be right there, diving into about five kinds of wings, and that salad is a marvel---we'd share that too.

    Don't you love dating when you know your escort so well, and there's no nervous moment, no what should I say, no I'd really like those messy wings, but better not? How lovely a time you had, all the fun of a date, and all the comfortable cozy of long familiarity and love. And going home with the one that brung you is the best part.

    Hope your October is as lovely as ours---we did bring in the plants one night when the weather was supposed to be cold, but it's still shirt-sleeves-in-the-sunshine every day, though the leaves are not nearly to their peak---it's usually third weekend in October, and there were some spectacular displays yesterday as we drove around, but there's still 3/4 GREEN everywhere.


    1. Rachel, I always look forward to your comments. You are so upbeat. We don't have color in our trees yet either. Another couple weeks and there will be lots of color.

  4. Your date, the food and all around, looks good and so happy you had a nice time at a new place. I would be with Joe on the salad, and my Jim would be with you on the bbq. We would both like that ice cream.

  5. Hi Kathy! Oh, how wonderful to walk into a new restaurant and have wonderful food. It looks delicious! Some times it doesn't work out that way but glad yours was so good. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. It WAS good food. Thanks for visiting me, Shelia!

  6. Joe looks so happy!!!! That food looks delicious. I too LOVE wings! Looks like my kinda place!


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