Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today, so hopefully that is a good sign that all this snow and ice will soon go away.  Even though he has been wrong 98% of the time, there is still the hope that this time he is right.  I'm so tired of this weather.

I was going to go downtown to Human Resources this morning, but the streets were pretty bad here.  By the time things got good this afternoon (including having our street plowed-- yay!), it was too late.  I plan on heading down first thing tomorrow morning to get all the paperwork done.  Hopefully I can return to work next week.

I made chicken salad sandwiches for dinner tonight.  Joe doesn't like chicken salad, but he liked what I made.  I used a recipe from the cookbook "Mad Hungry" that my friend Debbie gave me for my birthday.  There hasn't been one recipe I tried from that book that did not turn out wonderful.  It was a great investment, Deb.  I love this cookbook and use it all the time.  For dessert we had more fruit from the bouquet my sister sent us.  Everything is gone now except the melons.  They will probably last another day.  So good.

Spoke to my mom-in-law today.  She is overwhelmed with paperwork.  I told her I would take her to lunch soon.  Sunday is supposed to be a nice day, so maybe I can do it then.  She needs a break.


  1. I agree about the snow/ice! It's like the movie 'Groundhog Day' where it all seems to happen again and again and again.....
    Stay warm, Debbie

  2. That's funny because I was thinking of that movie and the snow too. We've known each other way too long.


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