Sunday, February 13, 2011


At church this morning we were continuing with our series on the life of Christ.  Today it was about His baptism.  Pastor Justin took this and turned it into a message on love to fit in with Valentine's Day.  He focused on God's never-ending love for us and how we should love others.  It was excellent and really spoke to a lot of people there.  Some were even crying at the end.

At the beginning of the service Pastor Wayne welcomed us by saying how spring was on its way and we should all be encouraged.  He said, "Amen?" at the end of it and little 2-year-old Elise yelled out "AMEN!"  We all started laughing.  It was so cute.

Our friends Karen and Bud were there today.  Bud is our pianist and is almost always there, but because of her work schedule Karen seldom is able to show up.  They are probably our best friends at church.  They didn't have anywhere they needed to rush off to, so we all went to the Country Club Diner for lunch.  Yes, another diner.  I had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and fries.  It wasn't very much, but filled me up and here it is almost 6 hours later and I'm still full.  I will have a little something later on.

 When we got home there was a note on the front door that a package from Ideal Florists was waiting for me next door.  I went there and my one red rose from Joe for Valentine's Day was there.  It has a little stuffed bear holding the vase.  So sweet.  And because she took in the flowers, my neighbor Chrissy is able to get a free floral arrangement from the florist.  That was nice.

When we were first engaged, Joe was not able to work and had not yet gotten his Social Security Disability.  He saved up what little money he had and was able to afford only one rose for me for Valentine's Day.  It was so sweet.  So every year I get one red rose.

I look forward to my rose each year.

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