Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today is Chinese New Year -- the year of the rabbit.  The Chinese character above says "rabbit".  To celebrate Joe and I went to a Chinese buffet near our house.  The last time I was there I ate 2 forkfuls of fried rice, had 2 sips of iced tea and ran home to throw up for 5 hours.  Today was much better.  I did not overdo it and was able to have a nice meal with my wonderful husband.  I had "money bag" dumplings and long noodle lo mein for good luck.  And I didn't get sick.

After we ate we went to Parkway Central (the main library) to the Human Resources Department.  When I handed in my letter from the doctor, the receptionist gave me a hard time because the letter was dated 2/1 and I hadn't come down yesterday.  Fortunately I know the head of the department and he came out to talk to me.  As soon as he said, "Hi, Kathy.  How are you feeling?  Glad to see you looking so well." and I said, "Hi, Rob.  How are you?  How's your mom?" (I used to work with her) the whole atmosphere changed and everything was suddenly fine.  So I have an appointment with the City Doctor tomorrow at 2:45 p.m.  If he approves, I can return to work on Monday.

When we left Parkway Central, we went to the Richmond Branch where I work.  I was able to speak with my boss and give him a heads up on what was happening.  Everyone is looking forward to me returning.

Next we went to Target.  I needed a new iron.  I had to borrow my next-door neighbor's to iron Joe's shirts and suit for the funeral.  So we got that.  Joe also bought me two pairs of shoes (one black, one brown) and a gray sweater.  He said they're for Valentine's Day but I get the feeling he would have bought them even if Valentine's Day wasn't so close.  We also got some groceries we needed and just generally had fun looking around.  Have I mentioned I have a wonderful husband?

To end the Chinese theme I made fried rice tonight for dinner.  It wasn't the best I ever made, but it was good.

I guess I had better get enough sleep tonight so I can get the OK tomorrow to go back to work.  I'd rather stay home and be a housewife, but we really (and I mean REALLY) need the money.


  1. Marion and Rich ( Wong Ho )February 4, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    Happy Chiness New Year!

  2. I love our local Chinese buffet. So many good things to eat. So, you will probably be back to work very soon...glad to hear you're doing so well. Oh and by the way, I need to buy an iron too, mine broke a few weeks ago!

  3. Well, Bonnie, the funny thing is I had a new iron. It looked just like my old iron. I picked it up, said, "I thought I threw this old iron out," and threw out the new iron. Oh, well. There's always something with me.

  4. Happy Year of the Rabbit!! Sounds like you & Joe had a great celebration. Hope you were able to get to the City doctor. Getting back
    to work can be a healing in itself.
    I agree you've got a wonderful husband as do I! God has truly blessed us both.
    Enjoy the weekend!! Debbie


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