Sunday, October 25, 2015


I was so tired this morning and really didn't want to go to work.  But I got myself together and got there just two minutes late.  And that lateness was because I couldn't find a parking space.  It's usually pretty easy but Saturdays are tough with everyone home from work.

We had a "guest" librarian sitting in today -- Mark from the Queen Memorial Branch.  He used to work at Richmond years ago so I didn't have to show him around or anything.

Doug and Denise worked on cleaning up the magazines today.  They got rid of all the old ones from 2011, 2012 and 2013.  They put all the ones we kept in order.  They stamped the old ones and put them out for sale.  (We sell the old ones for 10 cents.) It looks beautiful.  And empty.  Matt worked on the children's magazines doing the same.  Beautiful!  This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but have never had the time.  It is such a relief to have it all finished.

I also got the weekend schedule for next month finished.  I think I gave everyone what they wanted.  I tried anyway.  I have only two more Saturdays to work.  I still have not heard anything from the pension board or human resources or payroll.  I keep thinking, "What if things don't go through in time and I have to keep on working?"  But then I think it's a free country.  I can still leave.  Can't I?

Yesterday there was a knock at the door in the afternoon and these two guys asked if they could cut our grass.  It is something I've been meaning to do, but just didn't get to it.  I said sure and they assured me they would do a good job.  Which they did.  Joe went out to pay them and it turns out that one of the guys was his nephew.  Small world!  They are coming back in a couple of weeks to help me get all my plants cut back for winter.  Then during the winter they will come and shovel our sidewalk.  I always try to help out family first so this is a good deal.

I put on my Halloween nail polish last night.  Can you believe it is almost here?  It looks brown or black in the picture, but it's really deep purple with gold flecks.  Another Julep polish that I love.  But I didn't do a very good job putting it on.  I have to clean up the edges.

According to facebook today was National Pierogi Day.  I had bought some yesterday to have today because they are easy after working all day, not because I knew.  So that's what we had for dinner.  We like the potato and onion ones.  So good.

We have an appointment to take Pumpkin to the vet next Saturday.  He is too little for a lot of the tests, but we are having him checked for fleas, ear mites, worms and general good health.  I am thinking more and more that he was someone's pet that got out and I should post something around the neighborhood.  Joe says someone will come claim him so that they can hurt him.  Joe has become very attached to Pumpkin and the feeling is mutual.  Here are some more pictures of Pumpkin.

I love his blue/gray eyes although everyone tells me that they will change color as he gets older.

See the scabs around his nose?  He had those when I brought him in.  They are starting to fall off now.

I put this water bottle next to him for comparison.  He looks bigger in the pictures than he actually is.

He's such a cutie.  But a biter!

Like most kids, he's a joy when he's asleep.

All stretched out.
 It's very late.  I don't know what we are doing about church tomorrow, but I want to get some sleep so I can go somewhere.  So have a good night everyone.  Hopefully I will show you some more decorating tomorrow.

 43 days to retirement 


  1. LOVE the photos of Pumpkin! So cute! Having seen him in person,I can say hi is tiny. Glad you got the magazines cleared out. It must be relief having both the staff & time to do that. can yo u email HR & ask about your paperwork? Checking on a 'status' shouldn't be hard.What a small world to find a relative.! Now you're set for winter! Yeah!
    Have a sunny day!

  2. Pumpkin is a cutie and I think he has found his 'forever' home with you and Joe. Sounds like lots got done at work yesterday and that is a good thing. Hope you are able to find a church where you can worship today.

  3. Kathy, I am excited for you to be retiring. I did tell you last year , I believe , that you need two types of for being out and about and one for when you can't go out. That kitten is so cute...hope he;s healthy and you can keep matter what Snowball says. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. You have great nails!
    And Pumpkin, so cute. Glad you took him in. He'll be well looked after and loved.

  5. Nice nail polish. Pumpkin kitten is adorable. Hope u keep him. Praying that all your paperwork goes thru for your retirement. Believe!! Hugs!

  6. I don't blame Joe, I couldn't just give Pumpkin to someone now either not knowing what kind of place he was going too. He's so darn cute!

    2 more Saturday's, that is awesome my friend. It's almost time for a Retirement Party!!!

    I love your polish. I love dark polish in the Fall and Winter!


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