Friday, October 2, 2015


Another post from my friend, Marianne.

April 8

Bittersweet trip down Memory Lane for me today. I was eating my lunch in our work kitchen when a guard who works in another region but was assigned to us today walked in. He saw me and said, "Well hello, Marianne! I remember you from Fox Chase. That was the branch I was sent to for training when I was hired and you were the Children's Librarian. You had that long thick hair. You were the first Children's Librarian I ever met. I always remember how everyone loved you over there. Short hair looks good, too, and I bet they love you here." Very kind words. Yes, I had that long thick hair. In 2006, I think, I went to my sister's salon and had the owner cut it. She kept asking me if I was still okay with it. I told her it was time for a change. All of the women in the shop gathered around to watch as my hair fell to the floor. They were gasping, telling me how brave I was. The owner said it was time to get rid of the head bands and thick barrettes that held my hair back. She also said my hair would be used to make a wig for someone who needed it. The result was transformative! Sometimes I do miss the way my hair shone with its chestnut brown color in the sunlight, its waves, its thickness. The thyroid problem has altered all of that. And yes, it is time for a change once again! Not sure what!


  1. What a sweet story. I am "known" by my hair, too. lol I think I would have a hard time getting rid of it all---even at this age. xo Diana

  2. I had LONG hair for most of my life! In 2001 I decided to look at my life the way it really was instead of the way I wanted it to be. I decided to get my hair cut! I went from LONG hair to what was basically a pixie cut. I have never looked back. There is a time and place for everything. It was time. It was MY hair. I still love short!

  3. I'm glad I'm not alone! Like you,I've worn it long most of my life.I'm not sure what change in me,but
    realized it was no longer 'me'. I had it cut to just below my ears.I found it so freeing! These days I keep it just to my shoulders;long enough to ponytail as I volunteer with dogs.I absolutely LOVE it this length!
    I hope you enjoy the change!

  4. Change is sometimes a good thing my friend!!! Time to reinvent your look for a different stage of your life, RETIREMENT :)


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