Sunday, October 11, 2015


I almost didn't go to church today.  I was so very tired.  But I got myself together and got there even though I was late.

Not many people showed up.  We had so much food!  Hot dogs, hamburgers, meatballs, chips, fruit salad, two cheesecakes and a sweet potato cake along with all kinds of soda, iced tea, lemonade and water.  Everyone had enough to eat and some to take home too.

I was talking with my friend Carol and didn't take one single picture.  Oh well, sometimes it's more important to have a good time than to take pictures.

This was our swan song since Joe and I have decided to attend another church.  Without a pastor it has become chaos over there.  We have thought about this and prayed about this for a long time and have decided that now is the time to make our move.  We may go back at some point but right now we need to leave.  It is not an easy decision to make.  We will miss all of our friends.  I am going to teach my Tuesday Ladies Bible Study and then that will be the end.  *sigh*  I am sad.

We have had three Harvest Day events at church so far.  The first one I ended up in the hospital.  The second one Joe got sick and I had to take him home.  This time there was an argument and a decision to leave.  I think they need to stop having Harvest Day.

I know it will all work out well and we will find the perfect place for us to be.


56 days to retirement 



  1. you are going to LOVE retirement, I do! That's sad about your church, many years ago when we were without a pastor several families left our church. I hope you have found the right one, just for you!

  2. Hey short timer, That's what we used to call people at work who were due to retire soon. Kathy, My heart hurts for you and Joe...The parting from a church can be almost like a death in the family. I pray you find peace in the church of your choice. Hugs to you both. Will you please have your new church pray for Tom and Gert. You can read about them at Nana Diana's blog. Thank you. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. A church needs a pastor. Someone needs to be the glue to hold everything together.

  4. I am so sorry to hear you are leaving your church, but God will find the perfect one for you and soon I hope. It is sad when a church goes down like that. Praying the new week will be good for you.

  5. Gosh, our posts are quite similar today! I'm sorry that Harvest Day didn't go as well as planned. I pray for you and joe to find peace and happiness wherever the lord may lead you. love you friend!

  6. I know it is hard to leave,Kathy, but I believe you are doing the right thing. I think we "vote with our feet" when a church stops functioning properly-rather than staying and turning into a stagnant, bitter parishioner. God bless you- you will find the perfect place for you "now"....xo Diana

  7. Sorry to hear Harvest Day wasn't as planned. The bigger hurt is you & Joe leaving the church. That is like a death in the family.While it is sad,maybe the Lord is going to grow you in a different way in another place. Just as you would put a plant into a larger pot if its roots had no room,perhaps the Lord is replanting you. Painful,yes, but I wonder what He has in mind......?
    Enjoy a bright new day!

  8. Leaving your Church Family is always a very hard decision. But like you said, you can always go back.


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