Saturday, June 29, 2013


Yesterday and today were workdays at the church I attend.  Of course because of work I could not be a part of it yesterday.  Today I really wanted to help, but my physical problems just would not let me.  And of course Joe with his epilepsy and central nervous disorder tremor couldn't either.  So we offered to bring lunch today.  Last night we went to Shop Rite and got loaves of bread, lunchmeat, cheese, chips, pretzels, beverages.  We put it all together and took it over at lunch time.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  We made ham and swiss, turkey and American cheese, and BLTs.  Then we had cole slaw and potato salad, garlic bagel chips, pretzels, potato chips, iced tea, lemonade, coke and coke zero.  For dessert there were mini cupcakes iced in red, white and blue.  There was almost nothing left!

A lot of work got done around the church.  The kitchen and both bathrooms were painted.  The sanctuary was completely scrubbed down, dusted and vacumned.  The microwave and other appliances were scrubbed inside and out.  The fellowship hall was cleaned and vacumned.  The grass was cut and weeds pulled up in the church yard.  It is looking good!

Here are some pictures I borrowed from the church's facebook page to show you.

After all this work I ended up taking a nap for three hours.  Saturday afternoons seem to be my catch up on sleep time.

So now we've read Genesis 4 (our text for tomorrow) from our Hebrew Bible and it's heading to bed so we can get up for church tomorrow.  It's been a good day.


  1. I'm sure the workers were very appreciative of the meal!
    Hope you have a great Sunday friend :)

  2. The lunch was super delicious! It was so gracious of you & Joe to provide it.
    I wasn't aware of some of those pics being taken.I was so involved with what I was doing...I was glad that I could help.

  3. Many hands make for fun work together.
    How nice to all be together giving back. Cute church and the entry is really wonderful.

  4. You and Joe look so cute in that pic of y'all together!
    Will WORK for FOOD!! You did your part in providing the food so the others could work! Good job!!


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