Friday, June 21, 2019


As of 11:54 a.m. it is officially summer.  I love spring.  I love summer.  I love fall.  It's just that other season I have a problem with.  Ha, ha!  But here it is summer with 90 plus days of loveliness ahead of me.

On Monday I went to Shoprite knowing that the rest of the week would be taken up with Joe's surgery and recovery.  Boy, am I ever glad I did!  So let me show you what I got.

I had run out of gallon freezer bags, so that was high on my list.  I got a couple of cans of cat food, some mushrooms, grape tomatoes, salt and pepper (I was all out of pepper) and a cheat for lunch... a small bag of Doritos and an iced tea.  I had been craving Doritos and I ate them, but didn't really enjoy them as much as I usually would have.  A few would have been enough, but I plugged away and ate the whole thing.  *sigh*

I got the last small package of pork chops in the store.  I also got a package of chicken wings.  I thought I was getting thighs.  They were in the section that said chicken thighs and I just grabbed it without looking.  So Joe and I will have wings one night.  I also got thin cut chicken breast strips to make lemon chicken.

We needed more bird seed.  Those creatures go through it so quickly.  It's a smaller bag than I usually get, but it's what I could handle since Joe can't lift anything for a few weeks.

And I got spinach and four sweet potatoes.

It wasn't much this week, but I am finding by meal planning I am able to see what I have and what I need and I am buying less.  Of course this week's meal plan went by the wayside with all the chaos we've been living in.

For lunch I made a salad with the tomatoes and mushrooms I had just bought.  It was good.

Joe reminded me that I had never shown you a picture of the lunch we got at Yamoto's last week.  So here it is.

Joe had a teriyaki chicken bento box.  It had sushi, rice, crab balls and the chicken.  A lot of chicken.

And I had the vegan Sunshine Sushi with that wonderful mango sauce on top.  Yum.

Last night it got very late for dinner and I needed to make something quick.  So I boiled some pasta and since I didn't have any bacon, I fried up some ham and added tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach.  I mixed the two together and topped it with mozzarella cheese.  It was so good.  I love it when I can look at what I have and put a meal together.

Are you hungry yet?

Joe says he feels better today.  The pain is lessening.  I told him it would take a few days but he had no idea it would be so bad.  As for me... I'm tired.  Very tired.  And now my stomach is bothering me.  If it's not one of us, it's the other.  But I have to be OK to take care of Joe.  I'm going to take it easy the rest of the day and hopefully that will do it for me.

Sorry I don't have any photo challenge pictures again today.  I am going to work on that tonight and tomorrow and hopefully have something for you in the next day or so.

And with that, I am going to end and get some things done around here.  Thanks for reading and hope to see you later.



  1. I’m glad joes feeling better , you better take care of you as well! You’ve had an emotionally and physically draining time, take care,

  2. Glad Joe is okay.....pace yourself, Honey!

  3. What a haul! The ham/pasta etc looks so good! I agree about seeing what you have & throw something together;although mine are not as healthy as yours. (sigh).So glad Joe is feeling a bit better. It takes time. take care of yourself as well.
    Happy summer!!

  4. It's good to hear Joe is feeling better but you better start taking care of you.

  5. Please take care of yourself. Slow down and rest a bit. Pamper yourself. You may have to shorten your activities list a bit. I'm so glad to hear that Joe is feeling better. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.


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