Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I was cleaning off my desk yesterday.  It doesn't even look like my desk anymore.  No pictures.  No mug.  No funny library cartoons.  No magnets on the file cabinet.  Lots of old papers thrown out or shredded.  I think it's finally hitting me that this is really happening.  I took some pictures of my desk to remember it by before it was dismantled.

It's all much neater now.  MUCH neater.

It was an exciting day.  Right after we opened one of our regular customers came in and gave Denise a hard time saying she had returned books at the Kensington Branch and they were still on her record.  I had to step in and after talking to her got Bob to help me.  We searched the branch and they weren't there.  She was furious and called us names.  Then she returned some videos.  When I told her there was a fine on them because they were overdue she said I had totally humiliated her in front of other customers and she would have me fired.  Yeah, lady.  Why don't you try that?  Poor Denise.  She's so new and was shaken up.  I told her that lady is always like that and to not let it get to her but I know that is easier said than done.

Then at lunch time Boss had me sit at his desk while he ate.  I was putting some books away when I heard a commotion at the computer station.  An older man was standing by some young teen boys offering to take them outside and teach them a lesson.  I walked over to intervene.  The kids had been throwing things at the man and the one who was not on the computer was telling the man he had five minutes to leave because he wanted his computer.  I told the teen he had to leave and he absolutely ignored me and kept on.  I repeated myself and told him if he didn't leave I would have to call the police.  He told me where to go and Doug who was on the front desk did call the cops.  When they saw this, the whole group left saying they would be back to get us.  Well, in this day and age you don't know if that means they will come back with guns and blow you away!  By the time the police showed up, they and the man were gone.  So was Doug -- he had gone to lunch.  I had to give a report and then write up an incident report for work.

And people ask me why I want to leave!  Uh...  I'll give you three guesses.

But the rest of the day went well.  It was a quick day and I got a lot done.

I also found a new home for Pumpkin.  Debbie, our guard, was asking if anyone knew of a kitten for sale or to give away.  She had some friends who wanted a kitten for their children.  I told her I had Pumpkin who is fine if he is alone, but doesn't get along well with Snowy.  After getting information from her about the family and her getting information from me about Pumpkin we hooked up with the mother of the family and she is so excited about getting him.

I will miss Pumpkin terribly, but I know it will be better for both him and Snowy.  Pumpkin will have younger people to play with him and take care of him and pay attention to him.  He hasn't bonded really close to us as he would have if he had been with us for years.  He seems to get along with everyone.  And he will have a good home.  They are delighted that he has all his shots and has been dewormed.  They will get him neutered in the next couple of weeks.  We are giving them his toys, a litter box and litter and some food and treats.  It will be a good thing for all of us.  I made them promise that if it didn't work out, they would give him back to us and not take him to a shelter.

 He is getting so big!  Debbie will follow me home on Wednesday and get him then.  She will take him right over to their house and surprise them.

Thank you to everyone who is concerned about my foot.  I have a severe case of arthritis and bone spurs and if I am on my feet too long it swells and hurts.  That's what happened on Sunday.  I have a call in to my podiatrist, but haven't heard from him.  So I think I am going to call someone else.  I have the feeling January is going to be doctor month.  I finally have the time to go see everyone I've been putting off.

I've started to put some of my Christmas gifts away.  Here is what I got from my friend and neighbor Chrissy -- hand soap and peppermint scent sticks.  So cute.

The new year is coming quickly and so is my new life.  I am excited to see what this year brings.  So with that I am going to go get a little more sleep.

Until later...

3 days until retirement


  1. Just seeing your desk brought back memories of past jobs for me...bittersweet. Missing what was (ok,maybe not the kids) yet the challenge of what is to come...I am so happy for Pumpkin!!! I am sure he will enjoy his new family. You did a good thing rescuing him.
    Sorry to hear about your foot. Hope you get seen by a doctor soon.Will be praying. In the meantime,sing! As it rains today,I keep picturing Gene Kelly,only I sing praises to the Lord!

  2. Kathy, I tell you kids in group can be mad dogs in a pack...some of them need a good old fashioned arse kicking. I am with you on what they said. That is threating and they should be punished by the law. Too bad there's not cameras to catch them. Kathy, I worry for you. Can't wait till you get your foot health . I have problems with arthritis and fear bone spurs.. have had planter faceitis (Sp).. wore arch supports for years. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  3. Who knew how exciting it is to be a librarian.


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