Thursday, December 3, 2015


And it was rather boring.  There were only four of us, but just not enough work to go around some days.  I did show Diane how to order supplies and answered some of her other questions.  She says she now understands it and can do it next month when I am no longer there.

Can you believe that this is my last month working?  I've been working for almost 40 years and it will seem so odd to not be having to run to work.  But nice too.  I am making plans and think I am going to enjoy being able to sleep when I need to, keep up with my housework, run errands and get to doctor appointments.  Joe and I have plans for fixing up the house and getting some new items that we really need.  I'm looking forward to baking too.  I think my life will be so much better even though I will miss all of my friends.

I have a little orange kitten here who has climbed up into my arms to be held.  He is purring away and I think he is going to sleep.  He's very cute, but it's hard to type with one hand.

My movie on Wednesday was "Mulan" (1998).  Another good Disney animation.

It is 2:00 a.m. and I don't know why I am not asleep.  I'm going to have a hard time getting up for work tomorrow.  I think I had better at least try to sleep.  But before I go, here is my Christmas picture of the day.  Wouldn't this make a pretty card?

Hope Thursday is a good day for you.

29 days to retirement 


  1. It would make a pretty card. Forgot to mention yesterday that the picture of the child & the big tree brought back fond memories. When I was little,we got a big tree....there was a platform with trains...such warm memories. Thank you.....

  2. I love the movie Mulan. And I'm excited for you to retire. You'll stay busy with lots to do. And it will be on your schedule...which is so nice. Holiday hugs, Diane

  3. hello and hope you had a good day. I look forward to the Christmas season and am no longer Mrs Grumpbunny but more of an awake and happy bunny! I remember what it was like not working so much but will be doing 4 days a week for a couple more years til our house gets paid off. Then will see if I can pull back a day from work. Glad you are getting people all up to par before you leave. They will do fine even though you do well yourself, I am sure. Take care, my friend! Hugs, Becky


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