Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I never thought this day would come.  I still can hardly believe that tomorrow will be my last day of work.  It seems so strange.  The idea of not having a job is staring me in the face and it has finally sunk in.  I talked to my friend Carol tonight who retired from the Library two years ago and she helped me out a lot.  She said in the beginning you feel as if you are on vacation.  Then it sets in that you really don't have to get up in the morning.

At work today we had an all day party.  We began with some non-alcoholic wine and toasted in the new year.  Then they gave me two beautiful plants -- one an orchid and the other a grouping of cacti.  I was admiring them when Diane told me to look at them closely.  It turns out they are fake.  But such good fakes that you really can't tell unless you touch them.  This way I can put them in a room that doesn't have windows or light and still have a pretty plant.  We also had pizza and a birthday cake for me.  They also gave me a beautiful card that they all signed saying they would miss me and enclosed $50.  I was near tears and said they were so nice I wasn't leaving.  Boss said, "Oh yes you are!"  Ha, ha.  He got one of the teens to take a picture of all of us.

Diane, Boss (Jerry), me, Bob, Debbie, Doug, Meghan
 Debbie followed me home tonight and took Pumpkin to his new home.  We also gave them a new litter pan, litter, food, treats and toys.  It is very quiet around here without him and I miss him terribly.  But I know I couldn't keep him the way things were and this seems to be a good home for him with little kids that will play with him and make a fuss over him.  Snowy is so much happier not having someone attack her all the time.  Things will get back to normal in a few days and I have saved another cat from being feral and dying from disease or the cold.

Change is always hard.  And lots of things are changing in a very short time.  Retirement... no little Pumpkin to cuddle... looking for a new pastor at church... my birthday... a new year.  It would be easy for me to sink into melancholy.  I'm trying hard not to.  Instead I am looking ahead to a new year and a new life.  New and exciting things are going to be happening.  And that's how I have to see it.

Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes on my birthday.  It touches my heart to see how many people really care about me.

The best really is yet to come.  I have some great things planned for next year both at home and in the blog.

Have a good night everyone.

1 day until retirement 


  1. Kathy, enjoy the last day of work and a new year as retired. Sounds fun. Glad you found a good home for Pumpkin. Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. It's late on Wednesday night as I write so I guess you are now officially retired! Good for you! Now you and Joe will get to spend more time together!

    1. I have one more day to go. As of 2 p.m. tomorrow (1 p.m. your time) I will be retired. Now we can be like you and LD.

  3. What a wonderful day! So many caring people. Change IS hard.We get happy in our
    comfort zone. I agree that the best is yet to come! There will be challenges,opportunities and time for you to rest & regain your health.So much to look forward to. I wish you joy & peace for the New Year!

  4. Happy New Year dear Kathy and family, and I am sure that the next year will be one of the best yet... good luck in all that you do, and I hope you enjoyed your birthday as well... all the best for the new year..


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