Saturday, December 12, 2015


...and I've gotten very little accomplished around the house.  Instead I spent the entire morning getting things ready for church tomorrow.  I put the bulletin together.  I typed up two sermons for Joe to look over and tweak.  I practiced my piece that I'm playing with Bud for Christmas Eve.  He will be on the piano and I on the recorder.

It is so warm here.  We have the windows open letting in the fresh air.  So nice.  It's been around 70*F all day and sunny.  Such a nice day.  I ate breakfast looking out the open window at the yard.

I went to Rite Aid this afternoon to pick up my prescription.  When I parked in the lot I saw the cherry tree was starting to bloom.  It's been so warm that the tree is fooled into thinking it is Spring.

But a look at my back yard will show that it really is autumn.

I really have to get out there tomorrow and take that clothesline down.

The sunset was beautiful today too.

The sun is setting at 4:30 p.m.  But it won't be much longer until it starts getting lighter in the afternoon.

Off to make dinner.  Baked chicken thighs, sweet potatoes and teriyaki veggies.  Then I have to bake cookies tonight for church tomorrow morning.

I have to sneak a nap in there somewhere too.  I got only 3 hours sleep last night because of two unnamed cats (but they know who they are -- Snowy and Pumpkin) who fought and ran from one end of the house to the other, up and down stairs for hours last night.

The movie today was "A Princess for Christmas" (2011).  I had seen it last year and it was good.  Just a few more movies to watch.

And here is the Christmas picture for today.  So pretty.


I'd better get busy.  So until tomorow...

19 days to retirement 


  1. Our weather is the same here in Texas! WARM!! I am seiously thinking about sleeping with the A/C on tonight!!

  2. Isn't this weather something? Russ had taken the a/c out but admits he wished he'd left them in. I like the sunset.I caught the sunrise yesterday & it had reds,oranges pretty! The Christmas picture is so inviting. I can just imagine sitting in front of it....

  3. we've had rain and temps are fine then they drop and there's alot of humidity in the air as well. Looking forward to Christmas as well. Hugs and have a blessed week!


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