Thursday, December 17, 2015


This has been a bad day for me.  It began by me oversleeping.  I was feeling OK until I ate breakfast.  Then I became so nauseous.  But I knew we were shorthanded so I went to work.

I was late getting there and Diane and our new Children's Librarian were at the desk because no one else had shown up.  Diane was also sick.  Doug came in one hour late because he was sick too.  Then Boss called out sick.  We were quite a crew.  Even the two guards weren't feeling their best.  And we all had something different wrong with us so it isn't even as if we were passing something around.

Things went well in the morning.  I began cleaning out the one tray in my stack that I have been putting off forever.  I was dreading it so much because it was one of those things were I just threw in there whatever I didn't know what to do with.  It turned out that it wasn't as bad a job as I expected it to be.  Things are now neatly in labeled folders.  Tomorrow on to the next one.  I should have done all of this a year ago.

I went to Wendy's at lunch.  In a few weeks I won't be doing that so much anymore.  I loved the landscaping they just did.  It's ornamental cabbages and winter pansies.  I hope I can do that in my yard next year.


The afternoon started OK, but once the kids got out of school it was awful!  Yelling, screaming, punching, cursing, seeing how much they could get away with, calling us names.  By the time 6:00 came and it was time to go home, my stomach was tied in knots.  

I am SO glad I have only 15 days to go.  And only 8 more days in the library.  Wow!  That's the first time I've realized that!  Joe said to me the other day that his life will be so much better with me home and that's what is really important.

When I got home tonight I had a letter waiting for me from the library with information about my pension hearing and telling me what I needed to bring with me.  It's really happening.

The movie today was "Crown for Christmas" (2015) and it was really sweet.  I enjoyed it.  I have been loving my movies, but I think I will be glad when they are over.
I have a lot to do before I go to work tomorrow so I am heading for bed.  Have a good one everyone.



  1. I am sorry you (& everyone) are feeling ill. I believe it's this weather. One day it's in the 60's then down to 30's. How do you dress? Hot,cold? It was close to 70 the other day & Saturday is predicted to have a WIND CHILL of 30 degrees! Your retirement must seem surreal. Russ agrees with Joe & loves having me home.
    Hope all feel better soon & today goes smoother.

  2. Its sad that kids have stopped respecting people and how to behave, but at least you are still standing!!!! Not long now before you are retired but be careful, as it is not as easy as it looks, being retired.. I have found it quite hard, but after two years starting to see how best to spend my time.. apart from h ousework that is** Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, all the best to you and yours and have a very very happy Christmas all together, and may 2016 be the best year yet for you all***

  3. Oh my, everyone sick. That's not good But it is that time of the year. COngratulations on your upcoming retirement.


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