Sunday, December 6, 2015


 Welcome to the second Sunday of Advent.  This was quite a day.  To begin with Joe couldn't find any of his three pair of glasses.  We tore the house apart and nothing.  He finally took a pair of Dollar Store reading glasses but really couldn't see out of them.  So he sort of stumbled through the message (good thing it was short today) and needed lots of help with serving communion.  Good thing he and Bud work so well together.

Dorothea and I lit the Advent candles today.  So I did not get a picture of us but I did take one of the lit candles later.

I spoke too soon about Windows 10.  I am having LOTS of problems with it.  I think I am going to have to go to the Geek Squad and try to get some things fixed.  For example it keeps telling me that my start menu has a critical error and I must exit immediately for it to be fixed.  The only problem is it is NEVER fixed.  And it just took me 2 hours to figure out how to download my pictures.  Now everything on the screen is huge and I can't seem to change the size.  *sigh*

I worked yesterday.  It was really slow in the morning but by 1:00 p.m. it was a madhouse.  Cards on top of cards and lots of people with problems.  And this one woman who insisted on having her fine forgiven and then didn't want to stay to get her receipt because I was "taking too long" even though I was working through my lunch hour.  Why did I need lunch?  Just take it later.  I didn't look hungry to her.  Oh, there are some things I will not miss at all.

I got the energy to do some decorating this weekend.  I still have a lot to go, but at least I made a start.  I keep telling myself to not overdo it and it will get done.  Next year will be better.  At least I hope so.  Here are some pictures for you.

I took my black cats and fall figures off of the stairway and put up my Christmas Cherished Teddies instead.  I haven't put them on the steps before and I kind of like them there.

The advent wreath.  You can see the Teddies going up the stairway in the background.

The countdown snowman.  I can't believe it's just 19 days away.  I am NOT ready.

I added a few more things to the table.

I got the lights in the front window.  Finally.

The flowers are gone and the little tree is up.  I'll have to take a better picture in the daylight.

My neighbor's house.  We seem to be the only two lit up tonight.

I planted an amaryllis that my sister gave to me several years ago.  I don't know if it will grow, but I'm going to give it a try.  My brother had an old one that grew last year so we'll see what happens.

The bathroom is getting there too.  Here is my snowman soap dispenser.

Joe bought me a snowman shower curtain.  He even put it up for me.

I have one of my favorite wreaths on the front door.  I had major surgery five years ago (which is why I started this blog).  The day I got home from the hospital I was bored but couldn't do much.  So I made this wreath.  The gold holly berries are jingle bells.

This is the inside of the front door.  I got this cross at Rite Aid last year.  Joe found it in the basement.  I had forgotten all about it.  I'm glad he found it because I really love it.
So that's what's happening.  I took some cute pictures of the cats tonight that I will try to post tomorrow.  They seem to be getting along a little better although they still fight all the time.

Saturday's movie was "Charming Christmas" (2015).  Another really good one.

And today's movie was "The Nine Lives of Christmas" (2014).  It just so happens that I got that book out of the library to read.  It will be interesting to see how the book and movie differ.  It is by one of my favorite authors, Sheila Roberts.

I have to run.  But first the Christmas picture of the day.  I love it.

Until later...

25 days to retirement



  1. You have been busy! Everything looks so pretty & cheerful!I like thr Teddies on the stairs.I have the same red cross but mine says "Believe". The shower curtain is so cute & really goes with the soap dispenser.Thanks for sharing the photos,it was like a visit!

  2. Kathy, Joe has probably placed his glasses in a pocket of a jacket. Hope he finds them soon. I liked all your little decorations. I need a new shower curtain. Blessings to you and Joe, xoxo,Susie

  3. Hi Kathy! Oh, I'm so sorry about the Windows 10. All I've heard about it is TROUBLE! Hope you get things fixed. Love the pretty Advent candles. Your house looks wonderful. My daughter used to collect the Mary Moo Moos from this line. Don't know what ever happened to them. Now the green in your bathroom, the sink and tub, are the perfect shade of Jadeite! I love Jadeite!Thanks for popping in to see me and take care.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. It's looking very festive around your place, the advent candles are so meaningful...
    Love all of your teddy ornaments, they look so sweet sitting on the stairs.
    We downloaded Windows 10, and no major problems, but sometimes I'm not able to comment on certain blogs, and I'm not even sure if that is related to Windows 10.
    Your retirement is getting close....whoop whoop.


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