Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Our Richmond Branch of the library is still closed.  But I was able to go in for a few hours yesterday and today to work on some things and help clean things up.

Yesterday it was just Jerry and me.  I did an awful lot and was really tired.  But Jerry told me that I did a fantastic job.  That's high praise from my boss.  And all of this took place in the middle of a snowstorm that began before I went in.

It was coming down so fast that the snowflakes look like streaks in these pictures.  And it turned to ice as the day went on.  Not fun.

But today it was sunny and warm.  All the snow and ice is gone.  It is supposed to be nice all week.

This morning instead of Bible study we had a goodbye party for our friend Charlie.  He and his wife are moving to Kansas on Sunday after their church service.  He was a big part of our study and we will miss him.

Charlie as he walked into the room.

The spread -- ham and turkey sandwiches and strawberry shortcake.

Cherie, Deb and Dottie.  Charlie is in the background.

Pastor Justin and Charlie

A more posed one of Pastor Justin and Charlie.

Debbie and Margie dancing.  We told Pastor Justin we were a wild bunch.  Maybe now he believes us.  (ha, ha)  Charlie was playing the piano for us one last time.

The group of us:  Charlie, Dottie, Deb, me, Margie and Rick.
After the meeting I went to work for 4 1/2 hours.  There was still so much to do and I won't be in now until after Easter.  I got everything that I needed to get done finished.

I have been talking with the nurses about my procedure tomorrow.  Suddenly today they spring on me that I will not be able to drive for several days, or lift anything over 5 lbs. for three weeks.  I told them that was a major problem because I have to go back to work.  They keep telling me "this is your life we're talking about."  Yeah, well if I get fired they aren't going to get paid.  And I will lose my house.  Plus they told me today to get someone in to take care of Joe because I will not be doing stairs or cooking or doing wash or dishes, etc.   So things keep getting worse and worse with this procedure.

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. I am to be at the hospital and admitted for the heart catheterization.  As of this moment I am still going through with it, but I am definitely going to voice my concerns to the doctor BEFORE things happen.  His assistant told me that they gave me the "worst case scenario" and she had it done and was fine in two days.  So we will see!!!

There is a verse I am holding on to.  It is Deuteronomy 31:8 -- And the Lord, He it is that doth go before thee; He will be with thee, He will not fail thee, neither forsake thee; fear not, neither be dismayed.

Joe is still in a lot of pain from his surgery last week.  I called the dentist (since he wouldn't) and they changed his pain medication.  Hopefully this will have him getting better much more quickly.  The resident I spoke with said this is not uncommon with this kind of surgery and probably it will take another week for him to be back to himself.  I am so glad I called.

So bye for now from the "sick house".  I am going to make flounder and rice for dinner.  That should be easy for the sick guy to eat.  I will let you know as soon as I can how everything turns out.  Until later....   


  1. Kathy! Oh My!
    First, you have a great sense of humor. it is always needed.
    Secondly, can you get your church to help?
    Thirdly, you are covered in prayer!

  2. Thanks Christine. I don't think I'm amazing, but I know God is.

  3. Oh Kathy, I feel for you! I hope you take good care of yourself after surgery ...and I pray joe feels better! ..just think ..in a few weeks all this will be water under the bridge .maybe you can get some neighbor to come help you for a few days..have a blessed Easter. Hugs

  4. Marissa, thank you so much. You are right, I haven't thought about how after tomorrow I never have to think about it again. You make me feel so much better.

  5. Kathy, You are in my prayers and I KNOW you will do fine--you're made of "good Stuff"! Soon you'll be looking back on it. Stay strong, we're all pulling for you. Can't wait for your uddate. Love and prayers.

  6. Lighting candles and saying prayers for your household healing. Peace, Mary Morrow-Farrell. Lots of love from our family to yours!

  7. That scripture says it all. I agree with Marissa:Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. I am praying always for you & Joe.

  8. Praying that everything went well today with the procedure. Hope to hear an update from you soon my friend.

  9. Hey There Kathy!
    So sorry to hear your hubs is still in pain from his surgery. And where have I been to not read that your having surgery. I will lift you up in prayer. Please ....please follow doctors orders after you return home. You get one life, you can get another job!

    Hugs to you, Viola


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