Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It was rather cool for the first day of spring.  But it was sunny most of the day and we got a chance to be out and about.  We both slept in.  That was nice.

We woke up with Verizon calling to tell us the internet was fixed.  But it really wasn't.  It took about 45 minutes with a tech to get it up and running.  But it's finally working!  It is high speed and it really is very fast.  I can actually watch videos now without them stopping to load.  That's nice.  We are waiting a week, though, to make sure there are no problems before cancelling our service with Sprint.

When I finally got off with them, we went to the Country Club for brunch.  Joe got his usual whitefish platter.  He loves it and that is the only place we can find it.  I had a chicken salad sandwich and fries that was really good.

The rest of the day was spent doing a lot of errands.  The reason I was trying to do everything today is because tomorrow Joe is going to Jefferson Hospital to have two teeth extracted and a bone graft on his jaw.   His appointment is for 10 a.m. and our friend, Charlie, is picking us up at 9 a.m. to make sure we get there on time.  It was so nice of Charlie to offer to drive us so that we don't have to pay for parking.  When we are finished we will call him and he will come back to pick us up.  Because of his epilepsy Joe has to be completely sedated so he doesn't have a seizure which would be horrible in the middle of his surgery.  So I expect to be there for quite awhile.  I am going to take a good book to read.

I made Joe a good dinner tonight since he won't be able to eat for a few days.  I made pork chops, mixed veggies and potato salad.  He ate it all.  I have soup for him for tomorrow.  Poor Joe.  I think one of the worst things is to have your teeth worked on.

Tonight we got a call from our next-door neighbors that they were smelling gas in their house.  Joe had already gone to bed, but he got up and we went over there.  There was a really strong smell of gasoline coming from their basement.  They had called the gas company and they came out.  I don't think they found anything.  They came in our house too to check things out.  And guess what.  There was a small leak by our heater which they fixed for free.  A real blessing for us.

So now it is late and I have to get going so I can get some sleep.  Happy Spring everyone! 


  1. Aww poor Joe!

    I hope he doesn't have much bleeding after the extraction. There will be plenty of ice-cream im sure...
    High speed is the best I am now wondering if I should switch...

  2. I am glad the gas was fixed...and
    free! That could have been major..
    I will keep Joe in prayer for
    his mouth.I agree there is no pain like dental pain.

  3. Hi there Kathy!
    Guess what I'm following your blog.
    Please let us know how your hubby is doing after his surgery.
    Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog about my mom.

    Hugs, Viola


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