Saturday, March 23, 2013


I ended up sleeping most of today.  I am so tired from yesterday.

I got a call from my boss at 7:30 to ask me to show up at our closed branch to help get the backlog of returned books cleared up.  I said sure.  So that is what happened.  For two hours I opened the drop box, loaded books and videos on a book truck, pushed the heavy truck up the ramp to the door, unloaded the books/videos, and then discharged them and sorted them to go to other branches or be put away.  I was sweating and tired when it was time to go to my regular Friday branch and start my work there.  I spent the rest of the day there shelving, manning the front desk, answering phones, etc.  Then I had to go food shopping to get Joe some easy to eat food.  When I got home I made dinner.  But...

I put the crab cakes I bought into the oven.  Then I sat down to watch some TV while they cooked for 20 minutes.  But I was so exhausted that I fell asleep for about half an hour.  I never heard the buzzer go off to tell me the crab cakes were done.  When I woke up I smelled something, looked at the clock, said "OH NO!" and ran for the kitchen.  The potatoes I was cooking to mash were fine.  The peas were in the microwave so they were fine.  But the crab cakes were overdone.  I ended up using a spoon to pull the insides of the cakes out for Joe and he got about two tablespoons out of three cakes.  I was not a happy camper.

Like I said I did practically nothing today.  I think I'm getting too old for this job.  What kills me is that I'm really good at my job.  And I love my job.  It's just that my body doesn't want to do the heavy part of the job anymore.  I'm getting old.  I'll admit it.

The nice part about yesterday was the beautiful sunset.  So lovely.
And with that I'm going back to bed and hopefully get a good night's sleep so I can get up for church tomorrow.  Good night all.

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