Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hey, what happened?  I had over 10,000 views of my blog and now the counter says 4.  I have to figure this one out.

I got up to a beautiful sunrise this morning.  Such a pretty day.  It was in the 70s.  I didn't even have to wear a jacket.  So nice.

Even though I wasn't feeling 100% I went to church this morning.  My pastor and one of the elders prayed with me.  So far today my pressure has stayed down and I've been feeling tired, but better.

We were there a long time after church.  Joe always ends up talking to everyone and we are always the last ones out.  I call him "the politician."  Ha, ha.

After church Joe took me to Sonic for lunch.  He got a couple of Chicago hot dogs and some onion rings.  I got chicken tenders with honey mustard, and of course tater tots and a lemon slush.  I kept thanking Joe for lunch.  It was so good.  And so wonderful that our local Sonic is reopened.

Then we ran over to Lowe's because the sprayer on our kitchen sink broke.  Joe wanted to get a part to repair it.  While we were there I saw they have all their Christmas stuff out.  Christmas already?  But looking at all the stuff I felt really happy.  I love Christmas!

They had all the inflatables on the top shelf and lots of different Christmas trees all lit up on the floor.  I took a picture of the trees too, but it didn't turn out.

Both Joe and I took a nap this afternoon.  There's nothing like a Sunday nap.

Joe's step-mom Mary Ann has been admitted to the hospital.  They are doing a stress test on her tomorrow.  The doctors think the stent that was put in at Cooper Hospital may have slipped or collapsed and she may need another one.  The stress test is supposed to tell them what is going on.  We are going to try to go see her tomorrow after work.

As I was making dinner I looked out the back door and there was a beautiful sunset.
 I'm so glad to be feeling better.  I hope this keeps up.  Back to work tomorrow.  I know it's going to be a busy week.


  1. Hi Kathy!
    So glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you had a nice Sunday.

    Here's to a great week ahead! :)

  2. You have some of the most wonderful sunset pictures!

    Hope this week you feel great. That's my prayer for you.
    If anyone needs a great week, it's you!

  3. I love Christmas too but I'm NOT ready for it!


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