Friday, October 12, 2012


It was back to Fridays at the Fishtown Community Branch for the fall/winter/spring season.  For those who don't know Fishtown is the sister branch to my home library the Richmond Branch.  During the fall, winter and spring Richmond is closed on Fridays and open on Saturdays.  Fishtown is always a Monday through Friday branch.  So on Fridays some of us from Richmond work at Fishtown and some of us work at our own branch on Saturdays.  The Fishtown people -- some work at their own branch on Friday and the others work at Richmond on Saturday.  Confusing, right?  In any case, both branches are covered for Friday and Saturday.

Fishtown is a very small branch.  The whole thing could fit into Richmond with room left over.  But the customers and people who work there are so nice.  And it's not busy on Fridays, so it's like having a little vacation.

I went in this morning with my blood pressure up again.  What's with this?  It wasn't real high, so I just decided to go to work.  I felt bad this morning, but as the day went on I felt better and better.  I'm sure my pressure must have gone down even though I wasn't able to take it.  I could tell just by the way I was feeling.  Most of the afternoon I had nothing to do.  I shelved books (that took all of 10 minutes) and asked around, but no one had anything for me to do.  So I ended up sitting on one of the computers for a few hours looking at things and reading blogs.  But you know, that was just what I needed to do in order to feel better.

Tonight I made poached salmon, potato salad and squash and onions for dinner.  It was a squash I had never tried before.  I don't even know what it is called.  I saw it at the farm last week and got it.  It is yellow at one end and green at the other.  Pretty looking and oh so sweet to eat.  It was wonderful.  I am hoping they have it there again tomorrow when we go.

Joe went with me to work last night after dinner and then after work we went to Shop Rite.  I just looked at the receipt and we saved $12.62 in on sale items and coupons.  Really good!  We hadn't been food shopping in a couple of weeks and we still kept our bill to under $70.  So proud of myself.

For the Friday View this week I was debating about several different photos, but decided to show you this one.  I bought these cute cloth fall placemats in Virginia last year.  I found them at K-Mart of all places.  I used them last year, found them in the closet this year and put them out.  I love them.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Kathy!
    Sounds like work was pretty nice and enjoyable and relaxing on Friday. That's great!

    Your meal sounded so good. Now I'm craving that! MMMMM!

    Love the placemats...they're super cute!

    Hope the rest of your weekend goes great. Oh, and I hope your blood pressure stays good.

  2. Glad your day got better! Bless your heart, I hope they get your BP under control soon. My dad has high bp and when it goes up he feels horrible.

    I cannot believe you kept your grocery bill that cheap. It takes me at least $125 a week to feed my family not counting formula. Groceries about break us up. Of course there is 4 of us eating table food plus the Old Man.


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