Friday, May 6, 2011


I went to the hospital before work yesterday for my 4 month checkup and my Zometa infusion.  Everything seems to be going good.  My hemoglobin is up to 11.6.  It was 11.0 last time.  I still need to get it up to 13.  My blood pressure is good even though I am taking less medication.  In fact, it was better than last time when I was taking more medicine.

There is a new infusion room that I was put into.  It has two big comfy chairs and two less comfy ones, but still nice.  It is for people like me who have only a half-hour treatment and not a whole day or several hours.  There was also a lady there having blood taken and another lady who had just come from radiation and needed to be stablized (she was very nauseous) before going to her next treatment.  The second lady was very nice and very talkative.  When she found out I worked in a library, she started talking to me about books.  She reads a lot and was very knowledgeable about them.

I got home in time, made something to eat and went to work because I was feeling pretty good.  But after being at work for about a half-hour, the nausea struck.  It was a rough day.  Fortunately I had my medication with me and the stomach settled down after about an hour.

We had another program for the kids.  It was a lady named "Habiba" who showed how to do Egyptian dances.  In all the rush to get to work I forgot to take my camera so I don't have pictures of her.  But she got the kids dressed in middle eastern robes and had them dancing.  It was fun.

I made turkey noodle soup for dinner.  Easy on the stomach and good. 

Tonight we were to go out for dinner to my friend Carole's house but I am too tired to go.  I called her and we made it for next week instead.  I think it's early to bed for me tonight.

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