Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm in a state of change.  There are major things changing in my life.  I feel that God is leading me in a new direction.  I can't say what it is right now, but I am praying for wisdom in which way to go.  I know He will show me the right way.


  1. You and me both Kathy :-)

    Hubby and I know that Father is leading us into a new area in our lives (besides retirement), we just don't know what.

    Father will clarify when the time is right - we just need to learn to wait and not get ahead of His plans. This is not easy as waiting is not something I'm good at: LOL!


  2. I am excited for you! Knowing it is God leading you is reassuring. I will keep you in my prayers & keep me posted.

  3. @Cherdecor, thanks.

    @Val, I'm not good at waiting either!

    @Deb, don't know how exciting it will be. Some changes are sad.


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