Wednesday, October 18, 2017


It is getting cooler here, but certainly not cold.  I do, however, have to wear my sweater jacket that I got in Tennessee when I go out in the morning, but by afternoon it is too warm for it.

This is a low key week and I am glad of it.  Next week, however, there are a couple of days of running.  Joe is having cataract surgery on his left eye next Tuesday the 24th.  A month later he will have surgery on his right eye.  His diabetes has caught up with him but fortunately it has not attacked his retina so we are very grateful.  He has not seen well for over a month now and is looking forward to being able to see and read again.  I keep telling him he might be disappointed when he sees what I really look like.

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 Look what Joe got me the other day.  Halloween Peeps!  You know I love those Peeps.  These were Jack-o-Lanterns and Ghosts.

 I finally got my shelf all ready for fall.  The pumpkins are from last year's Harvest Day at church.  I bought them for the tables and brought them home when the day was over.  The Harvest sign is from Target this year.

My front door is decorated for Halloween.  I'm not a big Halloween person so just a few things are around.

I bought these little scarecrows at Rite Aid.  They were so cute.  They will stay up until Thanksgiving is over.

This is on my kitchen windowsill.  Another Target buy.

Also from Target is this apple swag.  It is battery operated and lights up.

There's still more to go, but I'm getting there.



  1. A fellow PEEP lover and you actually ADMITTED it. lol I love them, too, but didn't even realize they made them for Halloween. People either love them or hate them, I think.

    Hope Joe's eye surgery goes okay and that he will be able to see once he hs healed from the procedure. xo Diana

  2. I'm not a fan of peeps so you can have all of mine! (wink) Cute decorations!!

  3. Kathy, I will keep Joe in my prayers. Yikes ,little girl...those peep things are too sugary. I love your cute decorations. I am not huge on Halloween either, I will just use fall décor. Take care of yourself and Joe..Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. you know I count you as a blessings:)

  4. Very nice fall decorations. Nice to have a 'down' day when you know those ahead are going to be very busy. Prayers that all goes well with the cataract surgery.

  5. Love your decorations! I was at Target on Saturday and it was so full I couldn't even look at the things up front.....that's where the cute stuff is :( it will be filled with Christmas till I get there again!
    Glad you are having a less busy week. I'll keep Joe in my prayers!

  6. Really like your fall decor,especially the pumpkins/harvest on your shelf.Will be praying all goes well for Joe's surgery.

  7. Stopping by from Diane's (Lavender Dreams) blog.
    I do like your decorations, such a great time of year isn't it.

    Hope the eye surgery goes well.

    All the best Jan

  8. I have a few new things for autumn that I sat out for our anniversary celebration. 2 birds that sit on shelf and their feet hang over! Just too cute so I had to buy them. Hope Joe enjoys seeing better soon and your health remains good as well. We are having cooler weather and rain these next few days. Rained quite a bit today. I need to snuggle into bed soon and get warmer! Fall colors are so pretty! Take care!


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