Monday, October 16, 2017


I am just loving these autumn pictures and I hope you are too.  Look at the lovely colors here.

The other day Joe had to go to Lowe's to get some hardware.  I, of course, had to drive him so I went along.  If your Lowe's is like ours, when you first walk in the door all the seasonal decorations are right there.  We walked over and started looking at everything.  Naturally Halloween was front and center.

Joe really liked this lantern but for $17 we decided to put it back.

We got a Jack-o-Lantern instead from this huge pile they had.

There was a talking skeleton couple that were really funny even though I am not into skeletons at all!  I'm really not into vampires either but I did get a video of what happened when Joe shook their hands.

Much more joyful to me was the Christmas display.  It was as light as the Halloween was dark.

There were some beautiful Thanksgiving pillows there too and other Thanksgiving decorations.  I had just put my camera away and didn't pull it out again to get them.

So in one aisle you can celebrate three holidays.  Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!




  1. LOVE the fall colors! I enjoyed the trip to Lowe's. I seem to remember Halloween having more orange than it does now. It has gotten so dark.Loved the Christmas! The "JOY" was pretty & the penguins cute.The RV trailer is so adorable. Maybe I'll have to make a trip there...

  2. Our Ellen hates Halloween so we avoid those displays in stores.....but she loves Thanksgiving and Christmas which I'm in love with also....can't avoid those displays ;-)
    I enjoyed your trip to Lowe's. Just might have to go see what's up at ours!

  3. Kathy, I am not a big fan of Halloween, especially creepy stuff or those gaudy blow up lawn things. It just over the top. I like seasonal décor..spring, summer, fall and winter..not so flashy. But I do love to decorate for Christmas. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. We don't decorate for Halloween because we don't want trick-or-treaters knocking on the door. Not sure what happens here in our new neighborhood. Guess we will find out!! Our Lowe's does the same as yours. Have you noticed that none of the big stores have Nativity scenes anymore for Christmas? None of them here. You can order online. Kind of sad that a Christian holiday isn't celebrated as such anymore. :(

  5. Have never gotten into Halloween very much, but love all the fall is such a short period of time, and Christmas takes over.

  6. We have neighbors here who are really into celebrating Halloween, but mainly as a fun family get-together where everyone dresses in costume and that have snacks and dinner at home. It's amazing how the celebration has grown to become such a retail experience. And, for me, it's still too early to see Christmas stuff.


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