Friday, December 11, 2015


...and I still have SO MUCH to do for Christmas.  This is where it becomes overwhelming and not at all fun.

For example, I had some time and went to address my Christmas cards.  My address book is missing.  I have searched and searched and so unless you send me a card, I can't send you one.

I haven't completely cleaned even one room.  There is no place to put up the tree.  I haven't baked any of my Christmas cookies that I want to give out next week.  I usually make 6 or 7 different kinds.  Everything I look at takes so much time and I'm just too tired to do anything.  I keep telling myself that next year I won't be working and things will be better.  *sigh*

But there are a few things I cheer myself up on.  What I did clean has stayed clean.  A major feat around here with Pumpkin who likes to throw things all over the house.  I found one of my Christmas pillows and cleared off the recliner to put it out.

I have another one that I will put out on the sofa tomorrow.

Work was slow today and I was glad.  I was still sick from yesterday.

I took Joe to the VA Medical Center for his doctor's appointment.  This time I found parking right away after dropping him off and met him up in the waiting room.  

When we left, neither of us had eaten so we decided to go out for breakfast to one of our favorite places.  I had been feeling sort of nauseous for a couple of days, but was feeling better then.  In fact, I was kind of hungry.  I ordered what I always do (two eggs, bacon, hash browns, tea) and really enjoyed it.  But at the end I started feeling very sick.  When we got the bill I told Joe we needed to leave NOW.

On the way home I got sicker and sicker.  I ran for the bathroom, but didn't make it.  I was sick all over myself.  Joe was so kind and helped me out of my clothes, washed them off and then threw them into the wash.  I had to keep running to the bathroom even though I had taken medicine and developed a bad headache.  So I called work and told Boss I couldn't come in.  We were having a meeting in the morning so were open only 4 hours and there were 3 other people there so I didn't feel at all guilty.  I was too sick.

This morning I woke up and was feeling much better.  I went to work but started feeling sick again.  But no where near as bad as the day before.  I went and got soup for lunch which I thought would make me feel better, but actually made me feel worse.  So I lived on peppermint the rest of the day and felt pretty good this evening.  I think the worst is over.  I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies for dinner, ate a little bit of everything, and felt OK.

My Christmas movie on Thursday was "Window Wonderland" (2013).  It had some twists in in that I did not expect and a surprise ending.  I really liked it.

Today the movie was "A Very Merry Mix-Up" (2013).  This was funny, it was sweet, it was entertaining.  I want to watch this one again.  And I want in-laws like the ones in the movie.  (Aren't movie families always perfect?)

And for today's picture I found this one that I really like.  Sometimes I get so caught up in all the trimmings of the season that I forget the real reason.

And that's all I have for you today.  Have a good evening everyone.

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  1. The pillow is so pretty... Sorry to hear you were so ill. sounds like a stomach bug to me.Glad to hear you were able to eat some of your dinner.Bless Joe for taking care of it all. I absolutely cheer you on that what is clean is staying clean! That is a victory right there. (I clear a space & end up putting something in it...).Stick to doing what you can,what is comfortable for you.The baking cookies sounds good (okay...& yummy!). It's His season.Are you being a Mary? ...or a Martha? Stay well,my friend!

  2. Oh, so sorry to hear you have been sick!! Doesn't it seem that those things hit when you already have so much to do?! I know it's easier said than done, but do try to take it easy on yourself and don't worry about what doesn't get done. Enjoy the season for what it is and allow yourself some grace. (As I type this, I am telling myself the same thing!)

    Your hubby sounds like a gem!

  3. Kathy, You know being sick is no fun...hurry and get well. I had to decorate my tree and watch TV at the same time. LOL. Plus stopped for a coffee break too. I have decorated all I am going to now. Blessings to you and Joe. xoxo,Susie

  4. You know, Kathy, Christmas will come whether we're ready or not! Relax, feel God's love, enjoy your time with your thoughtful husband and know Jesus loves you and so do I !!!! :)

  5. Hope you are feeling better...
    Merry Christmas!
    Everything will get done....
    Linda :o)


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