Friday, November 22, 2019


Time is passing quickly.  Too quickly.  Days just seem to whiz by.  I can't believe it is afternoon already.  Joe and I have been running here and there and are incredibly tired so we are taking a day off today and doing just what needs to be done.  We all need those kinds of days.

I thought I would do a quick post of our last grocery haul and hopefully do a "What's for Dinner" tomorrow.  I plan to finally give you a look at my fall decorations next week before they all come down and Christmas goes up.  And just how did Christmas get here so fast.  Didn't we just celebrate Christmas last month?

So, friends, here's what I got.

A small bag of No Salt potato chips, an apple pie and some brownies that were half price.

Now for the non-junk stuff.  I got a pound of ground beef that I made into hamburgers, and a pound of stewing beef that became Mississippi Pot Roast.  Both of these things are gone.  I think the next time I get stewing beef I am going to make my Irish Stew.

We always get a case of water.  And I found these golabki (stuffed cabbage) on the hot bar.  We had these for dinner that night and they were so good.  Golabki is my favorite Polish food.  Since I live in primarily Polish neighborhood I get to eat all their good stuff.

Salmon, milk, more pumpkin cookies (so good!), ham lunchmeat and swiss cheese.

Treats for the boy, gravy mix and ranch dressing mix for the Mississippi Pot Roast, two kinds of instant potatoes, rosemary leaves (I was all out), Ice drink for Joe, lactose free cheese, and I decided to try hamburger seasoning on the burgers I made.  It was good.

Finally, some tortilla chips for the salsa I had, bananas and the paper towels were in the marked down basket and I got them for $1 each.

I ended up going over budget, but since I had gone under budget the week before, it all worked out.  We need just a few things this week and then it's on to December.  Hope I gave you some ideas for your meals.



  1. Good job shopping Kathy. I know we can not always get things on sale. I think you do well. Blessings, enjoy the weekend, xoxo, Susie

  2. Polish food...not sure that I have ever had any. Always fun to peek into your grocery basket. Are you deepening your pantry for holiday baking?

  3. I haven't heard of a seasoning just for hamburgers. Sounds interesting. Looks like some good deals.Glad you & Joe took a day off. Those are very necessary. Enjoy!


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