Friday, October 21, 2016


Don't these ghost pears look so cute?  It looks as if they are covered with white chocolate.  It must be easy to make.

Guess what I did today.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  The most I did was go to Wawa and get lunch for me and Joe.  That was it.  The rest of the time I watched some TV and slept.  For some reason I was really tired.  As I said before every once in awhile I get a day that I just have to take off and I guess today was it.

I had planned a big dinner, but ended up making fried rice instead.  Joe loves my fried rice so he was happy about that.  It must have been good because there's not one grain of rice left.

So since I watched a couple of movies, let me tell you about one of them.  It's called "October Kiss" (2015).
Poppy Summerall (Ashley Williams) is hired near Halloween as a temporary nanny by Ryan Lawson (Sam Jaeger), a widowed, work-obsessed executive. Through a series of adventures, the eternally optimistic Poppy sets out to teach Ryan and his two young children what’s important in life – unconditional love, family and the joy of everyday occurrences.
Cute movie.  I liked it a lot even though it was kind of predictable.

In two weeks the Countdown to Christmas movies start.  I remember the fun I had watching them last year, so I think it will be even more fun this year when I'm not working.  I can have a matinee each day.

As many of you know, my Photo Friday is used to show people the everyday life I have here in Philadelphia.  Things that I take for granted are new scenes to others.  So here's my shot for today.  It's from 2012.  I was stopped at a red light a few blocks from home and saw all the pretty autumn trees.  Fortunately the light was long enough for me to take a shot.  I hope you like it.

It's not so pretty this year.  Such a hot summer and fall has left the trees still mostly green.

So on to bed.  I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Sunrise:  7:18 a.m.
Sunset:  6:11 p.m.
10 hours and 53 minutes of daylight
Temperature:  79*/57* 


  1. Kathy, Some times we need a day off. :):) I think our turning of the leaves was a week or two later than the rains have stripped lots of leaves while some trees are still green. The weather patterns are changing. Blessings for a fun day there. xoxo, Susie

  2. I'm looking forward to the Hallmark Christmas family just roll their eyes :) The street scene is very pretty. I do enjoy seeing pieces of where I don't get to go.....not that your city is all that far from me. Been a few years since I've been to Philly.
    Enjoy the weekend and cooler weather!

  3. The ghosties are kinda cute. Glad you had an 'off' day. Do you know that that is healthy? The latest is that we do need to 'unplug'every once in awhile. No big surprise.Enjoy!


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