Friday, October 28, 2016


My friend, Susie, always likes it when I post a Peanuts cartoon so Susie, this is for you!  I love Peanuts too.

I thought that today I would show you the rest of my decorating.  This is it for Halloween.  Some things will change for Thanksgiving, but that's not for another few days.

I  added an orange flicker candle to the table.  It looks gold in this picture, but it's really orange.

I bought this cute little pumpkin broom a long time ago at a craft show.  It was so long ago that I can't even remember.  Maybe 20 years?

This jack-o-lantern is hanging on the front door.

This is a needlepoint I made when I first moved into my house 36 years ago.  I hang it somewhere in the house every year.  This year it is in the front window.

I rearranged my sunflowers.  I think they look better now.

My pumpkin patch is back.  There's some old favorites and some new things.  The painted pumpkin in the back I bought today at Rite Aid.  One of my co-workers gave me the solar pumpkinhead.  The bear I got a few years ago.  He usually lives in my car during the month of October but got to stay in the house this year.  The vase is another 75% off Rite aid sale from two years ago.

My legs and back have been bothering me so I put my food order online and reserved a time to go pick it up this morning.  I love that I can do it this way.  They charge $10 for this service but if I don't have to walk that entire store while I am hurting, it's worth it.  So Joe and I headed over to ShopRite this morning to pick up our order.  We saw that they had given us a free tote bag and thought that was so nice of them.

But when we got home and looked into the bag it was full of treats and coupons!
All kinds of things.  From hair product samples to tea to Cheerios, candy, a milkshake and various snacks.
 So Joe and I decided that we would try the different items and let you know if it was a thumbs up or thumbs down.  Then you can try it for yourself.  Or not.

The first item was Sour Patch Kids candy.  Thumbs down from me because I do not like sour things.  But as you can see it was a thumbs up from Joe.  He loved them.

You can't see it too well, but I am giving this candy square a thumbs up.  Joe gave it a thumbs up too.  I was dark chocolate, so it was a little bitter for me, but Joe loves dark chocolate.  Otherwise, it was good.

 So that's it for today.  We also went to Home Depot for one thing.  One thing I tell you!  A wrench that Joe needed.  You know we didn't come out with one thing. I'll show you what's going on at Home Depot tomorrow.

Until then...


 Sunrise:  7:26 a.m.
Sunset:  6:02 p.m.
10 hours and 36 minutes of daylight
The days are getting shorter quickly!
Temperatures:   55*/39*
It was cold! 


  1. Your home is all set for little visitors.
    And you two are so cute and funny.

  2. You really HAVE been decorating! What a nice surprise from Shop Rite! Enjoy!

  3. I really like all of your Halloween/fall things, Kathy. It all looks just great!

    What a fun thing for the grocery store to do -a bag and goodies. I do not like sour candy either nor do I care much for dark chocolate. I am milk chocolate all the way!

    Hope you have a great Saturday and I hope that you are not so sore and that you feel better by now. xo Diana

    1. I am milk chocolate all the way too, Diana!

  4. Your decor is lovely especially the pumpkin patch. I have two pumpkins outside and my lil Charlie Brown mini set for decor. Nice surprises in your bag from Shop Rite. I guess Wal-Mart does that shopping pick-up too. My goodness I spent lots of time in there and check out was fast though. Happy weekend!

    1. You have a good weekend too, Becky! Glad you like my little pumpkin patch.

  5. Love the pictures Kathy. You really did get some decorating done there. It all looks so good too. You know I love when you post a peanut cartoon. Some of my best memories of my daughters was watching Peanuts cartoons on holidays. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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