Friday, June 24, 2016


Here we are again with another glimpse of Philly.

Who else would you call when you want to buy or sell a house?  You get a realitter.

The Tacony-Palmyra Bridge.  Tacony is a neighborhood in Philly.  Palmyra is a town in New Jersey.  And here you see the beautiful Delaware River.  The bridge is so close to me that I can see it from my house.

But we in Philadelphia know what a Wawa is.  Named after Wawa, Pennsylvania, it is the best convenience store in the country.  It's logo is the wawa goose.

Name and logo. The chain's name comes from the site of the company's first milk plant and corporate headquarters in the Wawa, Pennsylvania area. The name of the town Wawa is in turn derived from the Ojibwe word for the Canada goose (taken from The Song of Hiawatha).

Have a good day!



  1. Kathy, I love that bridge. How nice that you can see it from your house. It's nice to learn some of your local words. :):) Hope you and Joe are doing well . Enjoy your weekend, xoxo, Susie

  2. The bridge is beautiful. Liked the story on Wawa history. Really interesting. It's something to live in a city & take so much for granted. Have a beautiful day! woof

  3. I loved this post and laughed all through it. You have quite a sense of humor! You have enlightened me. I like hearing how people from different parts of the country pronounce words. Again, you are now on my feed.

  4. I live very close to Wawa Pennsylvania but never knew how it got it's name. I did know about Wawa the store though. Here is another bit of trivia. Remember The Franklin Mint? They were located in Franklin Pennylvania but Franklin was really in Wawa. As the story goes they did not think a town called Wawa was good for their reputation so they created their own town along with it's own zip code.


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